RRREC Fest in The Valley 2015: Something to Remember

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ruangrupa Record Festival (RRREC Fest) is back! The rumor said that this year RRREC Fest will be held twice; The fifth RRREC Fest Jakarta and the second RRREC Fest in The Valley. But here I bring you my Story from RRREC Fest in The Valley 2015 (RRRITV 2015) that was held on 25-27 September 2015 at Tanakita Camping Ground, Sukabumi. At first, I want to state that I was part of the team, so pardon me if you find almost no negativity about the festival in this blog :p

Indra Ameng, the festival director, stated on their program book "Kami percaya bahwa ide-ide segar dan cerdas kerap bermula dari budaya kumpul bersama yang rileks, alami dan bersahabat - We believe that fresh and bright ideas started from this kind of relax, natural, and friendly get-together culture”. And in this whole festival they tried to build that kind of culture by creating intimacy among the participants, organizers, musicians, and speakers and to diminish the boundary between the 'fans' and 'idol'.

Day first, gathering with the participants and musicians at ruangrupa then off together with buses to Tanakita. The buses was scheduled to leave at 08.00 AM, but then it was delayed until 08.30. Once we get there, we greeted by the rain, which was getting more heavy during the afternoon. Fortunately, we were stopping for lunch in a very nice restaurant with a very nice view, for there’s almost no food until dinner (5 hours after we’re arriving). And once we were there the only program running was Organizing Festival Workshop, so we didn’t really miss anything. Learning from the previous year, this year the organizers deliberately reduce the number of performers and side programs, so participants could get more time to just relax, exchange stories and laughter. Just like the purpose of the festival: to bring back the ‘nongkrong’ culture. The funny thing, felt like the universe supported this purpose because the time in Tanakita felt really slow. Each morning, I woke up at 08.00 the took shower and breakfast with the team and new friends, chat during breakfast but when I checked the clock, it’s only 09.00. Eat, talk, eat, tea, coffee, talk, and only one hour passed? Really?

And everyone (not just the participants but also the performers; musicians and speakers - even the committee, in between their work of course) enjoyed every moment of this musical holiday. Either was just lying on the grass, sunbathing, sports, endless karaoke (thanks to RURU Radio and oomleo for making it possible! :p), to mount tracking to the lake and even to the waterfall. This year many more families participated in the festival, there were more or less 6 families with children, the kids were at age around who 1 to 12 years old. So, the morning view: parents and children play together, while the evening view: parents hangout around the stage, enjoying their favorite musicians. You parents, rock!

Amongs the line-ups, to be honest I only keeping my radar to Stars & Rabbit for I really like their album. Stars & Rabbit’s performance was as expected mesmerizing, then having a chance to have a little talk with them as well. While about the other performers, I consider them all as a great bonus because every musician was unbelievably great. Bin Idris was a nice opener, we all carried away by his music. Tenniscoats, me personally think they were very cute, I knew nothing about this duo and witnessing their live performance was a blessing. Then, Ensembles Asia, I tell you, what a performance they gave! And of course, OM PMR, they make everyone dance! We forgot the cold and just dance. Every performance was great and something to remember.

And this year, I hope there will be RRREC Fest in The Valley 2016 and I think I would like to join as a participant and not part of committee so I could enjoy the festival to the fullest. Haha

So, if RRREC Fest in the Valley is going to happen, here are things you can do during the festival, as a reference:
1. Exploring Tanakita area which very very huge, you can go to the lake or waterfall, don’t hesitate to bring your picnic essentials
2. If you’re too lazy to explore and thinking to just sitting around and relax, there is a cafe called Kopi Gede coffee shop with a pine forest as its background view. You won’t mind to spend whole day there reading and relaxing
3. Going up and down the valley can be regarded as a sport, maybe you could lose one or two kilos after the festival, and maybe gaining one or two calf swelling as well hahaha
4. Lie down under the pine trees in the middle of the night, stargazing or just staring to the moon (this one sounds hopeless romantic, but I actually did this one night for around 30 minutes before I felt my bone shivering. I hate cold haha)
5. And of course getting some new friends! What’s happier than having new friends? Oh if you ever consider to come alone, don’t worry, there must be also another participant that come without company. Who knows you will make a new squad there.

I am trully deeply looking forward to this year RRREC Fest in The Valley. My wishlist this year: TREES AND WILD.

 photo rrrec-fest-in-the-valley-2015-agung-hartamurti-2093_zpsdl4znhcv.jpg
 photo rrrec-fest-in-the-valley-2015-agung-hartamurti-2440_zpsdjfcttbu.jpg
 photo rrrec-fest-in-the-valley-2015-agung-hartamurti-2590_zpswm4hvhwb.jpg
 photo rrrec-fest-in-the-valley-2015-agung-hartamurti-1196_zpssnjevbau.jpg
 photo rrrec-fest-in-the-valley-2015-agung-hartamurti-0630_zpsqvjnxpp6.jpg
All photos belong to Agung Hartamurti | IROCKUMENTARY.COM

For see more of how fun the festival was click this link.

Thank you for stopping by on this post.

Cheers and beer,

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  1. I like your style of write. Its good enough for me. and also llike "kapan lagi ke halmahera barat" :d