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(adj.) Wandering Alone - Latin

For I am too difficult to travel with other people, I was thinking maybe I should do solo travel instead of trying to find someone's company. Let alone adjusting each other's schedule. But in fact, I'm still afraid to travel alone. Until a wedding invitation in Bali come to messenger. And I thought "Maybe this is it, the time for my first ever solo travel". Well, weekend getaway, not really traveling, and it was only during the weekend tho.

It was the most unprepared and unorganized trip. I just booked the flight tickets one week before departure and for the place to stay, I just booked the same day as my departure day. But I was worry less and just letting it flows.

I was staying in a very cheap hostel, it was only $7/night in Legian area. A dormitory, so I was sharing room with others traveler. Which is cool. Taking gojek to further place and the rest is just walking and walking from one alley to another. I love walking so really I found that kind of a calmness during the walk. It feels good to just walk with the camera on hand getting ready to snap anything that looks good. Walking down Seminyak area without really knowing where to go, less hurry, made me paying more attention to my surroundings. To those signage, the neon box of those clothing stores, that mural, that small shop in the corner, just anything. I heard the sound of the leaves on the trees when the wind hit it. People chattering, people gossiping, the dogs barking, the goods seller offering their stuffs. All the way to the beach for a beautiful sunset and what I found was a grey sky and it didn't make me mad, instead I was just sitting there and enjoying the cold wind as the day get dark. And I found myself talking and playing with a kid, I don't like kids, but that time I enjoyed talking to this kid. I found myself smiling, a lot.

I was using that time to let the universe talk to me, to find beauties this world has over, and to fall in love with it more and more. I was traveling alone not to find myself - I know who I am and who I'm not, also not to find a new friend. It was just to fulfill myself with calmness and vibrant positive energy that I get along the way. To see that I am actually capable of doing it all alone. And that I enjoy my own company.

That was my first solo weekend getaway, next will be the real solo traveling.


"A person needs at intervals to separate himself from family and companions and go to new places. He must go without familiars in order to be open to influences, to change" - Katharine Butler Hathaway.

Few more photos can be seen on my instagram.

Thank you for stopping by. It feels good to be back to this dusty place.

Lisna Atmadiardjo

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