Stars And Rabbit: A Cupcake

2:56 PM

What do you know of a cupcake? Cute, sweet, petite, and beautiful toppings. I equate Stars And Rabbit as cupcake, cute music, cute song, cute voice, and a cute appearance and performance. A Jogja minimalist band consisting Adhi (guitarist) and Elda (vocalist). I heard their first song in 2012 (or so) as a theme song of a radioplay in Ramadhan, a song titled Worth It. Until then a few times to hear that song been played on the same radio. Unfortunately until then I had forgotten and did not follow the update of this band because I do not another song besides Worth It. Finally in August 2014 an 'underground' (not so underground tho) music gigs, Superbad! bringing them to play in Jayapub. Since then, my radar for the Stars and Rabbit was back in tune. Besides that, almost every day I tune to their Soundcloud to stream their songs and started looking for the nearest gig scheduled in Jakarta. After Superbad!, as they returned to Jakarta to perform at Grand Indonesia for LocalFest event.

The second time seeing their stage act, either the first and second, both were very enjoyable. At Superbad! I think it was because the stage was not too large, so their move is limited while at LocalFest with a wider stage, Elda could move here and there doing a little dance smooth motion, jump so on. I was really satisfied seeing they're performance. At Superbad! it seemed that most of the people around me already knew the existence of Stars and Rabbit, so from the right, left and rear I could hear audible voices sing along to the songs. While in LocalFest, though I could only vaguely heard some voices (but it's maybe because I stand far behind), but I could see the audience enjoyed Stars and Rabbit's performance. The audiences were sitting quietly, giving full attention to the stage act of the duo Elda and Adhi plus the keyboardist (sorry I forgot his name, Rifqy or Fikri or not both? Somebody, help me out here!). After that,again, I couldn't get through any single day without, at least, once listening to one of their songs.

Back to the cupcake philosophy. Cupcakes are cute, but do you know What happens next to a cupcake? People eat them up. Stars and Rabbit is a cupcake and I eat them up. Their music's resounding in my head and it makes me happy. After the cupcake, I have a happy tummy. After the Stars and Rabbit, I have a happy mind. Thanks for the music.

Here is one of their song, my favorite one.

And here are some pictures from their performances at Superbad! and LocalFest 2.0.

Stars and Rabbit at the Jayapub

Stars and Rabbit

Stars and Rabbit

Adi - Stars and Rabbit

Elda - Stars and Rabbit

Elda - Stars and Rabbit

More pictures on stage photography here.

Cheers and Beer,

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