Happy Birthday

2:34 PM

"Age is just a state of numbers.
As time goes, and we're getting older, birthday is just another day.
Things change."

As a child we see birthday as something special with cakes, presents, hugs, and kisses and the song "Happy Birthday" being sang to you. Full of merry. And balloons. As a teenager it was even better, you got to know more people. So, you got a lot more birthday greetings and wishes, coming from a lot more people. Sweet 17th was always the best and most awaited for every teenager. Mine too, I still remember it clearly who I was celebrated it with. But now, we even barely talk to each other, we don't know why. I miss that moment when everyone was always around to have a little celebration and party.

As an adult, you'll realize birthday is no more something special. It changes. It's your birthday but you still got to work, those deadlines is still around the corner, the meetings still have to be attended, most of the time you even still have to work over time. But hey, that's just how the world goes.

Since last year, my birthday went differently. It just goes like that, like it just another day. Nothing significantly special. This year, I still got a cake (thanks to my sister, Adhito, and Fajar), I still got a present (thanks to Dedi), I still got birthday greetings and wishes (thanks Risa, Fajar, Rahmi, Rahma, Andreina and everyone, you know who you are!), I still got hugs and kisses (the virtual ones. hahaha), and still got a sweet phone call (thanks Adhito). Those're more than enough. To see you all still being here and remembering my birthday is more than enough. I thank you all for that. I love you wholeheartedly.


Cheers and Beer,

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