LocalFest 2.0: A Creative Festival, They Call It

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For approximately three years, in Jakarta held umpteen festival bazaar. Started with the most popular and pioneer is Brightspot Market, then followed Market & Museum, Cleo Shop-A-Thon, and the latest is LocalFest. Those are bazaars with a large scale, the smaller scale could be much more and can not be mentioned because I didn't know them all tho. In this post, I won't talk about all of the bazaars, I will only talk about LocalFest. Here we go.

Titled LocalFest 2.0, besides wanting to re-reminding their existence, that this event has been held the second time, having previously held a year ago in Gandaria City. This year, LocalFest held at the Exhibition Hall Grand Indonesia, floor 5th from 19th to 21st September 2014. While in the previous event last year, they're giving free entry, this year they charged IDR 10,000 to get in the event area. Excitement that they offer not only a fashion and food and beverage bazaar alone, but also art exhibition, talk shows, film screenings, and music performances of course.

Do not mean to compare but sometimes comparison is necessary, only to see how far we go forward or backward, or just stay in the same state the whole time. Compared to last year, I prefer this year, the bazaars offered more and varied, although there were few brands that 'gone missing'. For food and beverage tenants was also interesting, although somewhat less precise placement so only one corridor which always crowded while the other two corridor were little bit quiet. Perhaps there was a 'strategy' in positioning the tenant tho. On the crowded food and beverage corridor, all the brands were - as I could memorized - quite popular in every kind of bazaar event. The good thing was spacey, both fashion or food and beverage tenants area. But unfortunately - I didn't know why - the booths, especially in the fashion area are less attractive, let say if each tenants do not decorate their booth in such a manner, it would look ugly. So, thank God they did.

And for the exhibition, after this I agreed that in the end mall is not the proper place to hold an art exhibition. It's hard to focus to the works - not that I'm an art connoisseur or something anyway - but still sometimes you need to give all your attention to the works that being displayed. Two works on the display were videos, I want to see the video but when I sat put on the available headphones, the sound was vague because right at the entrance was mounted speakers sound as loud as it should be. Seriously, the sound of the speakers at the entrance even louder than in the stage and tenant area. Why should that? Well nevertheless, I came three times in the four days of the event tho. For the foods.

 photo IMG_0093_zpscf2aa9e8.jpg
The psychedelic works from Bujangan Urban called "90s Flower Generation"

 photo IMG_0092_zpsef1c0f34.jpg
A drawing by Sari Sartje titled "Saya Nyanyi Sambil Jemur Kain"
 photo IMG_0088_zpsb26f0ea3.jpg
Agung Hartamurti's photographs titled "Irockumentary Archives Selection"
 photo IMG_0084_zps629f2706.jpg
"Temporary In Between" collages by Ika Vantiani
 photo IMG_0080_zps4fe862d7.jpg
MG Pringgotono with "Keluarga Sakinah Aman Warohmah"
 photo IMG_0096_zpsebd7cff7.jpg
Talks with Eric Wiryanata (right). One statement from Eric that I remembered from the talks was "I don't know about references. I don't have references [for music magazines] because I used to become the reference". #what
 photo IMG_0102_zps88de9dfc.jpg
Ice cream that using a coconut shell as a cup
 photo IMG_0101_zpsc56b9094.jpg
 photo IMG_0104_zps532def1f.jpg

 photo IMG_0095_zpse72e8ece.jpg
Choco banana peanut pops. I love popsicle!

Then, where're the photos of the gigs? Just like past festival review, gigs photo of this event is separated, here.

Cheers and Beer,

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