Our Deepest Growl

6:54 PM

Been a while since my last post. This is super late issue too, by the way.

The Experience Brothers, a band from Bekasi, Indonesia, which consists of the brothers; Daud Sarassin (Daud, Drum) and Ibrahim Saladdin (Bram, Vocal and Guitar). After ten years of work and producing three albums, for the first time they held their first solo concert entitled "Our Deepest Growl" on June 3rd, 2014 at GoetheHaus. This band that is under the management of SRM, were also inviting Iga Massardi, John Navid, Gugun, Luks, and Ade Paloh to participate enliven their concerts. In addition to those names, they also involving Bendit String Quartet and Crystal Vox Choir. As always, their performance was fun and energetic with lots of internal jokes. We were not only enjoying the music but the whole entertainment the brought on the stage as well. Great night!

Bram Saladdin of The Experience Brothers

Bram Saladdin

Daud Sarassin

Duo of The Experience Brothers

Daud Sarassain feat. John Navid

The Experience Brothers feat. Iga Massardi

Other picture from the concert here.

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