Cottonwood Bed and Breakfast: As Cozy As Home

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Cottonwood Bed and Breakfast, located in Mustang B2/1A street, offers all the comfort and tranquility needed for relaxation at the weekend. Being in the middle of a fine residential areas makes the inn so quite and peaceful. Also right on the side of the Pasteur freeway, ten minutes from the BTC (Bandung Trade Center), makes it not difficult to reach. What's interesting from Cottonwood B&B is that its only has nine rooms with nine different themes; Chamomile, Rosemary, Apple Tree, Cranberry, Popple Tree, Mulberry Tree, Olive Tree, Oak Tree, and Walnut Tree.

At that time I wanted to stay in the Mulberry Tree room, which the concept of the room is British Funk. With all the trinkets a la England in it. Once I got there, I was really impressed by the room, it looks so cool and comfortable. I could spend the whole time in the room and in fact I actually did.

Cottonwood B&B has a pantry so the guests can make their own coffee, tea, or toast for their breakfast. Then at the back there is a dining area with benches and wooden tables. There are two areas, non-smoking and smoking. On the second floor there's also a balcony that could occupied as a smoking area since we can't smoking in the inn or in the room. Another interesting thing of Cottonwood B&B is all the trinkets in any room can be purchased, including the furniture. The theme of each room can be an inspiration for your own room and you even can have the exact same furniture. Oh and on the lobby there's also a store, so many cute merchandise can be bought there. Over all, the inn not only giving such a comfort for your stay but also giving inspiration for your home decoration and some ideas for increasing your creativity. All in one.

Regularly check their website to get updated about the promotion they have and which room is available to book. Have a splendid holiday in Bandung, folks!

 photo DSC01293_zps5b2f623e.jpg
 photo DSC01226_zps52142da7.jpg
 photo DSC01259_zps6683bb44.jpg
The Mulberry Tree Room
 photo DSC01261_zps57449973.jpg
 photo DSC01271_zps722005ce.jpg
In love with this nice bench
 photo DSC01262_zps59e095a2.jpg
 photo DSC01263_zps99ac5e9d.jpg
 photo DSC01281_zps0fe5b8b1.jpg
Me in the store
 photo DSC01280_zps27558c85.jpg
Definitely in love with this decoration idea
 photo DSC01255_zps49b58c62.jpg
Last, morning panorama from the balcony

Cottonwood Bed and Breakfast House
Jl.Mustang B2/1A
(Kompleks Kumala Garden)
Bandung INDONESIA 40164
Phone. +62 22 75191234
Twitter @cottonwoodbnb

Cheers and Beer,

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