Phoenix: Dancing In The Rain Never Felt Any Better

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Ismaya Live and Future 10 once again held their annual event, Love Garage. For 2014, the theme of Love Garage was "Love Can Save The Universe" and re-housed at EX parking lot, the line ups were; Phoenix, Fenech Soler, Zero 7, Midnight Savari, Jirapah, Protocol Afro, and Love Garage Special Projects.

However, this post will specifically talk about Phoenix at #LOVEGARAGE14 because I thought it was not fair to talk about Love Garage in generally while I wasn't even enjoying the whole even from the very the beginning nor until the end. So, here it goes.

Was arriving at the venue about half past 8PM, not long after I arrived the rain was pouring. Then rushing to put on the raincoat - that was distributed free of charge, although the body was already wet. Then, moving toward the crowd to reach the front row of the stage. Fenech Soler completed their performance, then the entire team of Love Garage and Phoenix were rushing to the stage and starting clean up the water. The very heavy rain was enough to make such a mess, puddles here and there. The rain was too heavy and seemed not going to stop any soon, then the MC reported that there's a change in the schedule, that Love Garage project was going to perform first and then Phoenix will perform after. But, not so long after that announcement the MC return and reported that Phoenix was ready and will soon be on stage. The fans were cheered instantly. Everyone's getting excited.

Then, there was Phoenix! Started out with the opening song, Entertainment. All of the fans were singing along, shouting, and jumping up high, once again, in heavy rain. Every song were sung almost at once, continued from one song to another without significant pause. It seemed that Phoenix as eager to resolve the appearance that evening before the storm came. When they were playing one song - if I'm not mistaken the song was Sunskrupt!, Thomas was seen lying on the stage. It's definitely very tiring to sing in a very rapid intervals under the rain. Then, at the end of the performance, when they played 1901, Thomas stepped forward to stand over the border and let himself soaked by the rain, just like all the fans. EPIC! What an epic view! After the song, one by one was disappeared to the back stage. For good. Yup! No encore. However, it was very, very understandable, with the weather like it was, it was highly understandable. Without encore, but we were satisfied, very satisfied and happy.

There was a happy hue of Thomas's face while singing the songs, seeing the energy of the fans who sang along throughout the show. And there were happy shouts made ​​by the audience. There was also a happy hue of my face, I was so happy that night. Freaking happy. Dancing and jumping under a splash of heavy rain along with hundreds of fans of Phoenix, forgetting the phone, forgetting the camera, forgetting the makeup, forgetting the nice clothes worn (because the rain made ​​us all uniforms: raincoat. Even it was difficult to recognize our own friend), even (it seems) that everybody forgetting the rain itself and dissolves in Phoenix appearance. EPIC! The best gigs experience so far.

Quoting from Hasief on his twitter account "If it means people put their phones away and just enjoy the show, then the heavy rain at an outdoor show like # LOVEGARAGE14 is a good thing". Could not agree more on this words!

After the event I found myself running and jumping over a small puddle, flushing my friends with a puddle. Full of laughter. I forget the last time I was running in the rain and feel as happy as that night. Even until today, a week after the show, I still feel it, the happy hue of my face. Thank you Ismaya and Future 10. THANK YOU PHOENIX. Sure you'll be back here right?

Note: Sorry there is no documentation of the event on this post because my camera was damaged when the rain poured the first time I arrive and didn't put on the raincoat yet.

Cheers and Beer,

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