Bandung Lautan Onthel III

8:43 AM

Last March I visited Bandung to come to a music event, but I was lucky because at the same time, Bandung also had its annual event called Bandung Lautan Onthel. A very unique event, many onthel communities from all over Indonesia gathered here. Someone from a community from Madura told me that this Onthel event is an international event and it was organized in many cities in Indonesia. From Bandung, they were going to go to Solo. But, really, that was the first time I noticed the event. Next time I heard about it again, I'm sure would be going. It's an onthel event but what interesting was the bazaar, many many old vintage and classic stuffs with low price. My friend got a toy camera for IDR 75000 only. From Bandung Lautan Onthel, I craved one super beautiful shoes that I couldn't afford for I didn't bring much money. Since that time, the shoes haunted me. Hih. Forget it. The whole event was interesting. Really.

Here are some pictures I took at the event. More pictures from the event and another event here.

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