Sondre Lerche at Kampoeng Jazz 2013: Good Musician, Bad Crowd

12:48 AM

This is a late review published. FYI. Happy reading.

Faculty of Law, University of Padjadjaran, Bandung with its annual well-known event, Kampoeng Jazz, enliven Bandung once again. After successfully bring Tahiti 80 in 2011, this year they put a name of Norwegian singer , Sondre Lerche, into their line-up artists. Along with another great performers of local and international. Kampoeng Jazz held on March 23rd, 2013 at Padjadjaran University, Dipati Ukur campus.

It's already the umpteenth time for Sondre Lerche to Indonesia, at Bandung he said that it's the second time. Just like his other performances, at Kampoeng Jazz Lerche remain to use the same gig concept: solo performance, only Lerche and his guitar on the stage. Lerche's performance was always riveting, and so that night. Lerche, who was using a red flannel with his hair neatly combed back, expertly strumming his guitar, playing song after song, until a total of 16 songs. Simply made a dry throat. Dry throat of sing along to Heartbeat Radio, I Call It Love, Days That Are Over, Modern Nature, Two Way Monologue, Domino, Faces Down, Hell No, Say It All, Sleep On Needles, and other songs.

Although Lerche's performance was plagued with sound several times, but overall it was entertaining. Especially the way he kept saying "hatur nuhun" over and over again. Funny because he wrote the word on his palm just so he'd not forget. One most irritating thing of Sondre Lerche's performance that night was the crowd. Only a few of people who actually knew Sondre Lerche and sang along during his performance. The rest, there were some people preoccupied with gadgets, some other were gossiping, and some even sitting. Sitting? On the ground? Really? Oh, dear please, it's not a picnic. But, luckily I was in the middle of the right group, the group of people who really liked Lerche and sang along. Great! From that night event, I learned one thing: being in the right position will give a great good energy to enjoy the whole concert. And I proved it that night.

Cheers and Beer,

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