Bloc Party: Along Waited Concert

12:28 PM

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Pict: Info Jakarta

After along waited, finally Bloc Party made it to come to Jakarta, thanks to Ismaya Live. Bloc Party real fans must been dying to see Kele Okereke, Matt Tong, Gordon Moakes, and Russell Lissack live performance. The Adams was the opening act for Bloc Party, The Adams is one of Indonesian most anticipated indie band from Jakarta, it's quite long time since their last live performance, so it's a combo satisfaction for everyone who's coming to Tennis Indoor, Senayan, on March 20th. Eventhough the concert schedule was delayed due to bad bad weather, and the 'very-long-sound-check' of Bloc Party, but at last everything is paid off. Everyone went home happy.

Bloc Party performance was made into three parts. The firts one, they were playing TWELVE SONGS IN A ROW! Crazy! At the beginning, the crowd was irritate Kele. The crowd was too still. Kele even said "I'm not come away from London for this!" twice to the 'Quiet crowd'. People was busy taking pictures, so little moves between the people in the festival area, only at one side, those at the tribune area was better. Hahaha. After Kele said that, people started making sound. Then after several songs, everyone seemed enjoying themselves  taking part of the concert; having fun. The second part was way better, with five songs in a row (if I didn't miss count). Kele and the gangs kept giving a really good vibe, so everyone turned crazy. Especially when the 3rd part started with Modern Love, oh GOD! waiting for eight years to hear this song played live from the musician then sang along with them. Bloc Party closed their performance nicely with Helicopter. It was a maximum climax. After total 20 songs played, everyone left the venue in peace with big smiles.

Matt Tong was kicking ass! SICK SICK SICK!

The best thing from the concert, besides Bloc Party performance itself, was the lighting  So stunning. Well, actually it's always like that with Ismaya's concert, stunning lighting for great photography. The sound was good too, almost no trouble, well after a 'very-long-sound-check', it worked out. But, there's one thing, not bad, but could be better. It was the venue. It was pretty too big, it would be better if the concert was organized in smaller venue, so the intimate atmosphere between Bloc Party and its real fans could created a little more deep. But it was a well-done event after all. THANK YOU, ISMAYA LIVE!

One thing I learned from this event was: being in the middle of the right people was the right thing to get a good concert experience. Really.

Anyway, coming to the concert was an out-of-plan thing. Too bad, I didn't bring my camera, so there's no picture here. But, you could take a peep to some pictures of the concert from one of my favorite Indonesian music photographer, Muhammad Asranur here.

Cheers and Beer,

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