Java Jazz 2013 : Jazz Up the World

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Java Festival Production, one of the most well known festival organizer in Indonesia is back with its one of the biggest jazz event in the world, Java Jazz Festival. Like its previous event, this year also held at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, North Jakarta. Held at 1st - 3rd March 2013. And down here is a little review of the day 1 event, 1st March 2013. Many good performance to catch that night, but only view of them could be seen full performance; George Duke and Stanley Clarke, Bonita and the Husband, Calvin Jeremy, and of course Joss Stone.

Took place at JIExpo makes the atmosphere of this event not like a music concert, but more like walking through the crowd in the mall. The place, the people. Maybe it's because Java Jazz seems to be a family music event. First performance to catch was Clarke/Duke's. They're real fans was there, people at my mom and dad's age, but there were younger people also. Clarke/Duke's performance was nice with the touch of internal jokes between Clarke and Duke that made the atmosphere became more intimate. The moment they played "Sweet Baby" it turned romantic and sweet, then when they add some effect it turned more fun. Then Clarke asked everyone in the room to get up from their seat to a little clap and dance.

I left Clarke/Duke early to catch Bonita and the Husband's performance. It's a personal joy to hear them again, live. Pretty much the same, actually, but it was fun and YEAH they played "Merah", a sudden nostalgia to my high school.

Next was Calvin Jeremy's performance. It was my first timing saw him live. His performance was fun. Really. They seemed having fun, enjoyed what they do, laughed, giggled, they brought joy to everyone there, that was really really fun to watch. May I said that they spread happiness viruses that night?

The last performance was Joss Stone, baby! Long queue to get in to the venue, but it was paid off! Joss Stone was the real entertainer, she's humbly beautiful and charming. She's running around on the stage from one side to another, without footwear and in a beautiful summer dress. Her spirit and passion was contagious. Everyone's in the room that night will agree with me, that everyone was having fun, going back home with satisfaction, and wanting her performance for more.

But there're some disappointment, sorry to say, the sound at some part was disturbing. And the light, still the same from previous Java Jazz, not that special. Sorry.

I'd leave you with some snap shot during the event. More of my collection in music photography, click here

 photo IMG_4179_zpsa7a93d7f.jpg
 photo IMG_4193_zps3dec4115.jpg
 photo IMG_4195_zpsc529f426.jpg

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