ARTE Indonesia: Urban and Contemporary Art Festival

4:26 PM

Indonesia now has another one big art event to be put in the 'Indonesian-Art-Celebration' list, it's ARTE Indonesia. The art festival's program was; Art Exhibition, Art Culinary, Movie Screening, Music Performance, and Art Market. Whole artsy things in one event. From its concept, it seemed to be a promising art event and actually it is. It was held for three days from 29th-31st March at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), but for the movie screening it already started from 26th to 31st March at XXI EX Plaza. From the three days event at JCC, total visitors was 2600 people, quite succeed for the first year, right?

For all the movie buff, the movie screening was a BIG things for all the GOOD movies that been screened; What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love, Laura & Marsha, Vakansi dan Penyakit Janggal Lainnya, Pieta, 36, Tango Liebre, dan 7 Days In Havana. Eventhough the screening schedule was not a proper time for the working people, but it was a great chance for those who could make it to saw the movies. Hail success, John Badalu!

For the art exhibition, the organizer of the event was collaborated with ruangrupa, an art initiatives, no wonder the art exhibition was a well done and neat exhibition. All the works that exhibited in the art exhibition was fun-tastic.  Most of the works was visual art and video art. All was contemporary art, some about our daily social issues. Each works was an attention stealer. My favorite was the works from my favorite artists, Ika Vantiani. The content of her works was really contemporary, using Jakarta youth term "Kekinian", it was tweet, original tweeted by her on her account. What made it special, the tweet was sewed on colorful fabrics. Turned the works into classic art works. Her works reminded me of my junior school, I used to sew on my junior school, but I never did that again (most of the girl in this never did it again, I guess). I miss sewing suddenly.
But there were some disappointments from the art exhibition. First, this good exhibition was not along with a good visitors. Some of the visitor, really didn't know how to treat the works that exhibited. Some of the works are broken. They didn't know that some works had its line mark which mean you MAY NOT cross that line and MAY NOT touch the works, but some of the visitors didn't know the function of the line.
The other dissapoinment came from a high expectation. All the works that being exhibited was GREAT works, really. But, I really expected that there would be more art installation.

The art culinary was a great idea, it's time for the all the event organizer in Jakarta start considering to put culinary into their concept, especially when it came to art culinary such as: Molecular Gastronomy. It's crazy art on food. Makes me thought, what it seemed was not what it tasted. Chefs that involved in this art culinary were Chef Andrian Ishak, Chef Nando, and Chef Ivan. At the first day, Chef Andrian Ishak made this food that looked like three slices of meat, but when you eat them, tadaaa it was watermelon! Oh my God!! But, too bad this program's volume as far too small compared to another ARTE's program. But no worry, it made me love culinary event more. Dear Mr. Andrian Ishak, I think I love you.

The art market, just like most of bazaar in most of event. The differences, they only sell artsy stuffs. :p

The King of ARTE was its music performances. From the newest to the well-known indie band; Cleo, Jirapah, Sigmun, Dried Cassava, Payung Teduh, Zeke Khaseli and the Wrong Planeteers, The Trees and the Wild, Pure Saturday, Float, and White Shoes and the Couples Company. All the great performance. Floating with Float's songs, making my saturday calm. Then going crazy with Zeke Khaseli and the Wrong Planeteers' random performance on Sunday evening. Closing the event with White Shoes and the Couples Company's performance. Little dancing to their music. But, minus points for the music performance, because of the super bad sound system. The venue was good, the crowd was not bad, the band and musicians were great, but the sound system? Lame. Too bad.

Over all, it is a good art festival, at least a good start to go further. Will be waiting for its next event, next year.

Here I left you with some snap shots from the events. Enjoy!

"Typing City" by The Popo and Robowobo
"Changing My Thoughts by Watching Myself Thinking My Thought" by Ika Putranto and Miebi Sikoki
"Manual Heart Digital" by Ika Vantiani
"Red Bench" by Faisal Habibi
Float on stage
Zeke Khaseli and the Wrong Planeteers on stage
Mella from White Shoes and the Couples Company on stage
Sari from White Shoes and the Couples Company on stage

Cheers and Beer,

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