Minggu Tenang : A (Not) So Quiet Gig

3:08 AM

Minggu Tenang an intimate gig featuring Windyasari, Max Havelaar, The Experience Brothers, and Float, 28 October 2012 at Borneo Beer House, Jeruk Purut, South Jakarta.

This event was took place at Borneo Beer House. My first impression of this venue was "so small". But once I got in to this place, I just loved the place. Dark walls, dark floor, dark ceiling with unfinished touch. The floor even look dusty didn't know whether they made it that way or it's not cleaned yet. I bet, they made it that way. The lights little dim. With three spot light to stage from the second floor. Dramatic.

About the gig itself. When I arrived, Windyasari was on stage. I've never heard about her before, but I like her music. Solo singer with guitar, ballad songs, I wasn't sure (not know much about genre), isn't it blues? She just calmed the whole place. The audience seemed so focus on her performance.

Next performer was Max Havelaar. This was also my first chance to heard and saw them. My friend said that their music is post rock, I have no idea about this. Hahaha. But the songs were cool enough. I love the song titled "Suara Kami, Suara Tuhan".

Next performer was my favorite band on stage. The Experience Brothers. A band consist of brothers; Bram and Daud. This was my second chance saw their live performance. And again, they made me fall in love to their live act. They were giving such a great energy to their performance. They looked having fun with it. Daud did weird behavior several times and that was made the performance even more fun and entertaining. Above all, of course those blues-psychedelic music, energetic songs, beautiful voice of Bram, powerful drum play by Daud was a whole package! Love it!!

The last performer, everyone's most awaited of the night, Float. It's lovely to see their performance again. I love their lovey dovey songs. At the beginning of this post I called Minggu Tenang as an "intimate gig" caused by the friendly atmosphere I felt during Float performance that night. Everyone in the venue was singing along. It's even hard to listen to Meng's voice because the floor choir was damn good. Everyone sang to every song they played. I didn't count how many songs they played. All I remember, their performance was really satisfying.

Over all, I love the intimate atmosphere created that night. This kind of atmosphere remind me how I love this kind of gig the most among another kind of gigs that exist. Good crowd who knows the performer well, real fans. Nice performer who knows their audience and involving them into personal jokes. Have to say it again, beautiful atmosphere. I hope Minggu Tenang will be a regular gig at Borneo Beer House. Once in two months, once in a month, or even once in a week. As long as it has the greatest performers, I don't mind to come again and again and again.

Max Havelaar
Mr. Asra from Max Havelaar
The Experience Brothers
Sir Daud from The Experience Brothers
Meng, vocalist of Float
Bontel and Meng from Float

Last, I'm still wishing that on the next Minggu Tenang, Anda Perdana is gonna be one of the performers.

Have a nice day, everyone. Listen to good music!

Cheers and Beer,

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