HAI-DAY : Youth Festival

10:29 PM

First of all, again I have to give you a super late update. I'm not in the mood for blogging. Got lil' frustrated by all the activity I have. But, I blog anyway. So, here it is.

On that Saturday, 27th October 2012 I came to this event named "HAI Day" which organized by a youth magazine, HAI. For the Youngster, those high school kids, this kind of event called 'pensi'. Well this was not a 'pensi' but for me it looked like one.

I arrived at the venue at 6PM. When I was there, I suddenly felt old. High school age kids were everywhere the place. I looked at them then looked at myself then again I felt something wrong. My outfits. Never been in my life I felt that the outfits I wore is unsuitable. Never been in my life, I felt too much in put on stuffs on my body. Then I entered the super duper long queue, among those high school students, to buy the tickets. After that, I entered the venue. It was at the Plaza Timur, Senayan. Which was very huge.

This was a two days event. And that Saturday, the performers were:
Sheila on 7
Maliq & d'Essentials
The Upstairs
The S.I.G.I.T
and more.

Actually, I came only to watch the performance of Sheila on 7.

When I got in, like I said the venue for the event was way too big. There were so many booth in the venue; booth of media (radio, television, magazines), booth of local community, and of course booth of fashion products and food and beverage. Not only music performance, they also got shuffle dance competition and futsal (small field and numbers players of football) competition.

The stage was divided in two. I didn't know the performers of the small stage and in fact it's way too far from the main stage. And the dimensions of those two stages were so different. Less attractive compare to the main stage. Besides the performers of the main stage, there're nothing interesting to me on that event. Too many things to see only made me confuse which one to see first, and after all I just went around from one booth to another but yet feel no interest in any of them. And after all, they bored me. Really the event was so boring. If anyone at that time bumped into me and asked me to go anywhere else but there, I thought I'll go at an instant. Sure, I'll do. But, I hold on after all.

It was a boring event until the duo MC back on stage while the next performer (it was Maliq & d'Essentials) did sound checking. These two MC was super hilarious. Crazy man with silly joke, some were dirty jokes, really entertaining indeed. The sound check wasted much time, but the MC really did a good job. Until there it was Maliq & d'Essentials on stage giving some groovy tune and all the audience sang along. Nice.
After Maliq & d'Essentials, Sheila on 7 was preparing for the next performance. They didn't take as much time as Maliq & d'Essentials did. Then they sing all the songs I wanted to hear. Ah kind of nostalgia. I love this band since I was at elementary school. And it's great to finally saw their live performance. And the crowd was really really great! They all sang, danced.

Over all, it was at the beginning but after all the good crowd saved the event. Always love gigs with good crowd.

Sorry, there's no picture of the event. I was in the sea of human. Wherever I see, all I can see were humans.

In case HAI want to organize this event again in the future, please make it more simple. It's not necessary to make it that huge.

Cheers and Beer,

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