Tanda Mata : Jakarta Merchandise Project

1:49 PM

Pic: Ruangrupa

Time: 30 March to 14 April 2012, from 11 AM to 9 PM
Venue: RURU Gallery

This is one of Ruangrupa’s program of 2012. And this is the first exhibition this year.  Here RURU (red-- Ruangrupa) invited young artists to be involved in their program. Those young artists are intensively made works and involved in previous exhibitions, included RURU’s. Their works somehow is a description of the group itself. In shorts, their works are representative ‘brand’ of their thought so they called them ‘merchandise’. And in fact, at the closing event, besides organized a discussion session about the exhibition, the works were displayed to be sold. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to come to the closing event, so I didn’t know what’s going on there. And too bad, that means I couldn’t buy the merchandises I crave.

But here, I loved to show you how interesting this exhibition was. There were 8 young artists that involved in this exhibition (as an individual or in group) :

-          Cubatees
-          Gardu House
-          Ika Vantiani
-          Jah Ipul
-          Kamengski
-          Komunitas Pecinta Kertas (KPK)
-          P.A.L.U

They had difference displays. Most of their merchandises are t-shirts. Five of eight artists created tees, but actually it’s not about the tees but about how they display the tees. They’re all really interesting. Indeed. I don’t know, I’m really easy to please I could really happy just by seeing cute display :D

Over all the display my favorite two go to Ika Vantiani and Recycle Experience. I love uniqueness. If you know Ika and her works you’ll know what I mean. Her works are created from papers, fabric, and plastic. Most of her works are collage. And I already fall in love with her works since I got Tika and The Dissidents’ second album, The Headless Songstress. Yes, the CD cover and the collage inside the note of the album was Ika’s works. And that was not the only works she made for musicians, there are also works for Art Book  of White Shoes and The Couples Company and T-shirt of Efek Rumah Kaca.

Another my favorite display was created by Recycle Experience. Their works are built from pop culteure and toys art movement. Most of their works are robotic character; even the display shelf was the form of a robot. They made necklace,  robot figure, pin and they are really cute. I’m in love with the necklace. And hey they have their brand fashion accessories named “Mannequin Plastic”.

Down here some pictures I took from the exhibition.

Just wait for RUANGRUPA’s next exhibition program this year. Gonna be interesting more and more.

Cheers and Beer,


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