Red & White Jazz Lounge: Monita Tahalea

2:08 PM

Saturday night. I was taken to Red & White Lounge by a friend to watch Monita Tahalea live performance. I didn’t expect much about the show, because I just about to company my friend. And actually, I don’t know much about Momon (Monita’s nick name) and her songs or album. The show supposed to start at 9PM, but in fact it started at 10PM.

Lemme first tell you about the venue, Red & White Lounge, this place was small and the lounge was equal as a living room. There’s no stage, but there are full band equipment; piano, guitar, double bass, and full set drum. But, this condition made the show just like a live and up close show. The audiences so close to the performers.

10PM the lights turned low. Momon and the bands entered the room. Momon was wearing pink dress with ruffles details on chest, green wedges, big earrings and a bracelet. She was so sweet that night. Momon accompanied by Chaka Priambudi (double bass), Satrio Alibasjah  (guitar), Yoseph Sitompul (piano), and Jantan Surya (drum) as her band players.

Monita and Yoseph
Satrio and Chaka
Jantan Gerhana

The show started, Momon sang one of her songs from her album. The whole show was parted into two sessions. Each session, Momon sang some of her songs and covered songs from other musicians. At that time, I just realized how beautiful her voice and in some songs she reminds me of Corrine Bailey Rae. Her voice, the way she sang sounds like Corrine Bailey Rae. Also at that time, I realized why my friend loves her so much, since junior school.

The first session over, I didn’t remember how many songs she sang exactly, but I knew for sure what my favorite song at that session. It was when she covered a song from Counting Crows, Big Yellow Taxi. It’s way different from the original song and I loved it!! I needed to talk a little about the sounds back there, at the beginning the sound was great, clear, no noise, but in the middle of the show there’s a pretty bugging noise especially for me because I sat next to a speaker system.
11.30PM (correct me if I’m wrong, forget the exact time), 2nd session was started. If I’m not mistaken, it was started with a song “Wait in Vain” (it also became to be my favorite song she covered that night), continued with her song “Senja”, then to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

And the next thing that happened at this place was getting more interesting when mas Indra Lesmana, the jazz musician (also owner of the place) made a little surprise for his wife mbak Honhon Lesmana who celebrated her birthday that Sunday. Birthday cake with candles and a ‘happy-birthday-to-you’ song. After that, mas Indra Lesmana take position on the piano while Momon back to the microphone then they started the duet, sang one of her song which also written by mbak Honhon, “Ingatlah”. And FIY, it’s one my favorite song too. After that performance, it turned to Joy, son of mas Indra and mbak Honhon, took over the piano and play some music for his mommy. Love was in the air that night!!

Right after that, Momon started calling out every jazz musician that came that night, for jamming. There were Barry Likumahuwa (played double bass), Rafi (played drum), Fanny Kuncoro (played drum), Nicky Manuputty (played saxophone) , and again Indra Lesmana (played piano). Lemme tell you, THEY ALL WERE REALLY GREAT!! It’s jamming, with no preparation but the melody from every music instrument sounded harmony to each other. THEY’RE TRUE MUSICIANS. I tried not to blink so I wouldn’t miss any joy the brought. Gosh! Rafi trapped me in his persona that night, he seemed to break that drum a part! And also mas Nicky Manuputty and his saxophone, I don’t what to say, he seemed so enjoy it. Then, made all the audiences feel that enjoyment too. I was so happy back there, smile was on my face the rest of the night.

Jamming Session team

That night, I felt like I was in the family gathering, even my friend said “I feel like we are in someone’s living room”. It’s true, love was in the air that night and the fact, Red & White’s so homey. And there was a weird feeling, all the jazz musicians were in front of me but I didn’t feel like I was watching any ‘idol’, I felt so amaze with the way they played their instruments. It was like I used to watch them, like I’m the part of the family. In short, the atmosphere that night was built nicely. Very nice and unforgettable. I think, jazz performance is supposed to be like that. Up close and intimate.

Thanks Fian for taking me there that night so we could have the jazziest night (at least, in my life) ever. And please, take me there again next time :D

Cheers and Beer,

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