Colbie Caillat : Lovely Poolside Jazz Performance

2:09 PM

Time : Friday, 13th April 2012
Venue : Swimming Pool Stadium, Senayan

Colbie Caillat is a pretty singer from America. She was well known as a singer who duet with Jason Mraz in the song Lucky. And if I’m not mistaken, this was the very first time she had her show on Jakarta. Singer with three albums (Coco, Breakthrough, and All of You) was come to Jakarta for music, art, theatre festival named Sayfestville. Sayfestville itself is an event by L.A. Lights and was organized at Swimming Pool Stadium, Senayan. With a cool fresh concept: a poolside party.

I love the idea of the event. It’s the first time concert on the poolside, in the middle of the town. Cool. Colbie Caillat was scheduled to play at 21.45. And after waiting for an hour for the sound check, finally she came up to the stage at 22.15. Without any introduction or greetings she played “Fallin’ For You” that made everyone there sang along. That night, Colbie using short summer dress in broken white, big earings, and a wedges with the same tone with her dress. So laid back and pretty. She sang beautifully. I couldn’t count how many song she sang. She play pretty lot songs. And she played almost all my favorite songs.

Colbie also sang “Lucky” duet with Justin Young. God! How my friend and I wanted to take him home that night. Hahaha. Justin’s style that night was also hard to forget. He used a rolled up sleeve – shirt, pulled up jeans, and sandals. Yes! He used a slippers on stage. I’m not lying when I said I waited him jump to the pool that night.

Some songs she played that night were: Fallin For You, Begin Again, Oxygen, Lucky I Never Told You, The Little Things, Brighter Than The Sun, Bubbly, I Do, I Won’t, Realize, and covered a song: Breakeven. She made all the people on the pool sing a long and did a little dance with her on the song Brighter Than The Sun.

We were sitting on the poolside with our feet in the water, beautiful song, sweet voice, and pretty face of Colbie and also Jason Young. You know what? That night was lovely. Really. But, there’s something missing that night, there’s no wind that night. If only there’s wind blowing smoothly, that night gonna be really perfect! But, hey at least the weather was great. The sky was clear. Like I said, lovely. I really got a good night that time.

Thanks to Sayfestville for bringing Colbie Caillat to town and also thank you for the cool concept. I’ll be waiting for next year event.

Cheers and Beer,

P.S. Some videos of these event will be uploaded on my Youtube Channel. Click here.

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