2nd Music Gallery : The Discography

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Actually, it just another too late review since it was held at 10th MarchT 2012 at Upper Room, Annex Building, Pullman Hotel. This is an event organized by BSO Band of FEUI. Just like the name of the event, it’s the 2nd event. But, I have no clue about the previous on 2011.

Upper Room, Annex Building. Though it located in the middle of the city (Bundaran HI), but actually it’s pretty hard to find this place if you never been there before. But, I have to admit that the decision to choose the place is cool. Upper Room is a cool place to organize a music event. That was my second time being there, and from my previous time, I could remember distinctly how beautiful the sound there, so clear. The room is huge; it can accommodate almost 2000 people at once. And yes the design interior of the room is cool.
Inside Upper Room

The venue was parted to two sections. The first is right after the entrance, it was a small stage. And the performers here are the new comers in Jakarta and also the audition bands; Roman Foot Soldiers, Backwood Sun, Cascade, Swimming Elephants, Jali-Jali, bard Shuffle, Zory Plainlied, R.A.T., Luscious Monday, Lundi Groove. The second one, the main stage, is right in the Upper Room. And those who performed here are Dried Cassava, The Adams, The Trees and The Wild, White Shoes and the Couples Company, The Upstairs, Pure Saturday, and Gugun and the Blues Shelter.

I was arrived at 6PM and at the small stage, there were not much people yet. And that was Swimming Elephants on stage. I was waiting for Roman Food Soldiers that was gonna play at 7PM. But in fact, the bands’ schedule was pissed me off. Really. At the main stage, it was arranged that The Trees and The Wild (one of the band I really want to watch most that night) is gonna perform first. They supposed to perform at 6.30PM, but they just started at 7PM, YES, just at the same time with Roman Foot Soldiers on the small stage. Do you think how I could see two performances at the same time? I was really mad at that time!! And the impact, I only saw The Trees and The Wild played two songs and saw Roman Foot Soldiers played three songs. You didn’t know how I regret not to see their full performances.

The Trees and The Wild
Roman Foot Soldiers
The anger within me was lingering that time. And the event was more bored me because the performers after The Trees and The Wild were the bands I didn’t know, and let me tell you, they’re not really good. Sorry to say. Finally, (THANK GOD) The Adams owned the stage and they just save my night, they turned my mood. Yeay! The Adams was really great. They played nine songs (if I’m not mistaken). I’ve been yearning for The Adams performance; I haven’t seen them on stage for years. That was cured my miss.

The Adams
After The Adams, Pure Saturday ruled the stage. But, too bad I could only enjoy view songs, but their performance just another medicine for my mood that night. The night became more fun. Who’s the next performer? It’s The Upstairs! Oh their songs, brought me back to high school. I was ready for ‘Dansa Resah’. Hahaha. The personals that night was different, there is Pandu (from Morfem) as bassist, replacing Dian (which I didn’t know where). And there was also synthesizer, The Upstairs never used it before their latest album. But, it’s a little disappointing. The songs they played, some are old songs (me likey) and some new songs that I didn’t know so I just danced a little and not sang along, ah that’s bad. And yes, it’s also disappointing that The Upstairs didn’t show up with their remarkable wardrobe like in my high school era, extra colorful and tight pants. Hahaha. Well, Jimmy (the vocalist) told me via twitter that era is over, “selamat tinggal. Masa lalu”. Hahaha. But, it’s really cool to see them on stage again.

The Upstairs
Then, it’s White Shoes and The Couples Company. But the preparation, the check sound before the performance started bothering the audience, way too wasted time. Besides that, it was actually very very late from schedule. But, for White Shoes and the Couples Company we didn’t mind to wait in boredom. And finally, White Shoes and Couples Company on stage with their sweetest performance. They performed in acoustic format, which was so beautiful. Sari got a new haircut, beautiful as always. But, that format (I think not suitable the night, the audience were tired and bored, acoustic only made them more sleepy, it swung the audience for a moment. So peaceful and so beautiful, but like a lullaby. Last, they only played some songs, maybe 6, oh that’s just another disappointment, but that’s okay since that it was late already.

White Shoes and the Couples Company
The last performer? Gugun and the Blues Shelter! They promise to make a quick preparation so we didn’t have to wait too long. And yes, after ten minutes only check sound, Gugun did a little skill show off, then came up Bowie and of course Jono. They totally rocked the stage! They even can tear down the stage if they wanted to. They’re just unbelievably awesome. Gugun and the Blues Shelter was surely the description of great skill musicians. The audience was satisfied with their performance, and I couldn’t stop screaming out their names and clapping.



Over all, the best performance (for me) that night was THE ADAMS. I miss them so much, then I saw them on stage played all that my favorite songs, and in addition, Saleh Husein did the rap part was just uber cool! I wish there will be the 3rd Music Gallery next year with great indie musicians involved in it. And I hope I’ll get the chance to attend the event with my friends as a little reunion :p

Well, until next year event then?

Cheers and Beer,

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