Magical Future : Magical Events organized by Free! Magazine

1:40 PM

Time: Saturday,  14th  April 2012
Venue : Fairground (ex Bengkel Night Park)

Free Magazine having 10th anniversary and they were about to celebrate it by organizing the coolest event in town that will be held all day long. The event name was MAGICAL FUTURE. It was started at 12PM and end at 5AM the next. Crrrrrrazy! The event was all free for everyone. And based on friend’s information this was the first free event that organized in Fairground.

The performers in this event was Endah N Rhesa, Sir Dandy, Dried Cassava, TOR, White Shoes and Couples Company, Seringai, The Brandals, Kelelawar Malam, DJ Keke, DJ Marah, DJ Dipha, DJ Winky, DJ Jerome, more.

I was craving to watch Endah N Rhesa, Sir Dandy, White Shoes and The Couples Company, and The Brandals. Endah N Rhesa was scheduled to play at 12, but They started at almost 12.30. As usual, this wife and husband duo was really cute and romantic at stage, made all the single ladies and single men jealous over heels and head. They played songs from their albums and of course played their new song : “Liburan Indie”.

Next performer I saw was Sir Dandy, I never seen him live act before. I saw him from a couch few meters from the stage. That time, I felt like in the personal party of a friend, so homey and comfy. And Sir Dandy added more fun there. After that day, I could conclude one thing: this man (Sir Dandy) is nuts! I forget how many times he stop playing and said “Sumpah gue lupa (I swear I forget the keys)”. Hahaha. He was really entertaining. He’s not playing music to show his skills but he played music to have fun. And he was having fun and exactly giving fun to everyone there.

After that, me and my friends sat in front of the stage while waiting the next performers. Until then, TOR was ruled the stage. I didn’t really know them. They are a blues band with guitar, basses, drums, and a Java ‘kendang’ set. That was the first time I listened and saw them. And I think, I liked them since.

While waiting for the next performers, me and my friend spent the time with playing capsa. Yes! We played cards in that event, in front of the stage. Like I said, it felt like a private party of a friend. Who’s the next performer? It was White Shoes and the Couples Company. We ran straight to front row of the crowd to see White Shoes and The Couples Company. The Playing their first song, I did a little dance with my friend until Sari’s (WSATCC’s vocalist) microphone dead. Then after the first song end, we heard that “Blup” and smell something burned. Then another “blup” and all the sound was gone.Qiuet. Then WSATCC played the second song with a very low volume and the voice of Sari was not heard at all, eventhough I stand so close to the stage. But, as a professional musicians and the show must goes on, they keep singing. Then the third songs, they played “Senandung Maaf”, still with very low volume and unheard voice of Sari, but whole people inside the building help her to sing. The crowds’ voice was in the air. Then, ta-daaa the sound was back then as usual, WSATCC gave a beautiful performance.

Next performer was Seringai. They are a metal band which I don't understand at all. So, I decided to go back far behind the crowd.
But I wasn’t leaving because I was waiting for The Brandals which ruled the stage after Seringai. Brandals was a band from my high school era. I love to watch them again. And yes they have many differences. They added that synthesizer as their new instrument. And at that night Eka Annash (the vocalist) was so different from the last time I saw Brandals on February 2012. That night he was so, I don’t know, dandy? Me and my friends were shocked with his new look but, I couldn’t deny that he looked better prettier that way.

The Brandals finished at 20.45, but I was really tired already, so I decided to go home and leave the party that come after.

The event was wicked. I wish all the best and great for Free Magazine for the 10th anniversary. I know there will be the 11th, 12th, 20th, and more. Long live Freemagz! *cheers*

Cheers and Beer,

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