Kencangkan Suaramu : Music For Shouting Freedom, Truth, and Justice

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Pic: @AyoBersuara

Time : Sunday, 15th April 2012
Venue : Museum National Indonesia

This was an event that was part of a journalism festival. The performers of the music that day were Efek Rumah Kaca and Tika and the Dissidents. The first performer was Efek Rumah Kaca. I was late arriving to the venue but I could still enjoy some of their songs. And hey, there was no Adrian on stage, he was replaced by a guy with hair look a lot alike John Navid from White Shoes and the Coupes Company.

I didn’t know how to describe their performance. They were always mesmerizing the audience with their songs. And people never mind to sing along with them. And thank god they played DI Udara, Ballerina, and as always sang Desember as their closing song. They ended their performance sweetly with not really mellow.
Efek Rumah Kaca

After that, Tika and the Dissidents make a preparation for their performance. Not so long later, they all ready on stage. After a little trouble with the sound that made Kartika Jahja (vocalist) had to leave her remarkable microphone, they were ready. It’s been a while after I saw their last performance; I love to see them on stage again. I miss them. They’re always good on stage. They not only played their song, they also covered a song of Iwan Fals titled “Bongkar”. While played that song, Tika was down the stage got closer and sang along with the audience. Then, they played their last song; Mayday. Tika asked the audience who sat to stand. We all stand and sang along with her. Then crazy things happened next. The host of the event carried Tika up and gave her to the audience. It was just like the performance of a metal band when the vocalist jump to their fans hands and they took the vocalist high. Very very crazy. I’ll never forget Tika and the Dissidents’ performance that night. Ever.

That was a pretty cool event and cool venue, too. Hope there will be an annual event.

P.S. Some video of the bands' performance will be uploaded to my Youtube Channel. Click here

Cheers and Beer,

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  1. Kakak ga ngajak-ngajak.. ga kece ah.

    1. Kamu yang nggak kece, nggak temenan sama kakak kece ini :p