Red & White Lounge : Jazzy, Homey Place

7:34 PM

Pict: @RWLounge

Venue : Jln. Kemang Raya No. 16B
Open : 18.00 – 24.00

Red & White Lounge, from outside it looks like someone’s house instead of a bar and lounge. And in fact, the whole place is not that big, it only separated into two sections; Indoor and outdoor (terrace). Indoor there are many little tables (short and tall) and chairs, there are also sofas there. In the corner, there is a space for music performances; yes they have regular jazz performances here, EVERYDAY. Who’s play here? Named all jazz musicians! Barry Likumahuwa, Nicky Manuputty, Syaharani, Indro Hardjodikoro, and many more. If you don’t know yet, this place is owned by mas Indra Lesmana and his wife, mbak Honhon Lesmana. So, no wonder if you’ll see all great musicians have their show here, I mean, this place was built for that purpose; so that jazz musicians got a place to spread jazz regularly. Hmm, in the corner of this place, there are full band equipment provided; piano, guitar, double bass, and full set drum.

Music Corner for Mostly Jazz Lounge (almost everyday)

Our First Drink

Focus to the interior, this place is dominated by brown, with a touch of black from the sofas and chairs, and maroon from the ceiling. The lights are dim here. So quiet, but you’ll hear jazz music sounded softly all around the place that’s gonna make you say, “what a jazzy place!”.

On the outdoor, there are some bigger tables and chairs, I don’t remember the exact numbers of all the tables and chairs. Not much different from the indoor, the lights here also dim. It makes me think, Red & White Lounge could be a perfect place for a romantic dinner. Go ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to have dinner NOW! :D

Though it takes place in the middle of the youth most tempting area in south Jakarta, you don’t have to be worry you won’t get table without reservation first. Red & White Lounge is a quiet place, not as crowd as the other place in Kemang. I have to blame the position of the building here, separated from the crowd. But, it makes any shows that organized here felt so intimate.

There is a minimum spending here, IDR 350.000, exclude the first drink charge of the jazz performance, IDR 60.000.
Menu and price*
Appetizer (IDR 26.000 – 46.500)
Main Meal (IDR 35.000 – 90.000)
Dessert (IDR 26.000 – 41.500)

Non-alcohol (IDR 15.000 – 41.500)

Scotch/Whisky by Bottle (IDR 850.000), by Shot (IDR 60.000 – 65.000)
Sparkling (IDR 455.000 – 575.000)
Wine (IDR 65.000 – 495.000)
Cocktails and Beer (IDR 35.000 – 85.000)

(*) the price and menus would've change without notification.

I tried some meals from the menus; grilled chicken, French fries, pasta, iced cappuccino, Thai iced tea, and Crème brûlée. Too bad, I think there are nothing special about the taste, standard taste. I love coffee, so I feel a little disappointed when my iced cappuccino came, the taste was not much different compare to the one I made by myself back home. They serve chili powder for the pasta, but the chili powder was different compare to any pasta restaurant. From all the meal we ordered, the best and the champion of all was the Crème Bruelle. It tastes so smooth and melts in mouth. My friend said "It’s even the best Crème brûlée I’ve ever taste".

French Fries (love the tomato sauce)

Spicy Italiano Spaghetti

Sauce and Chili Powder
Chicken Grilled

Thai Iced Tea

Iced Cappuccino

Crème brûlée

Iced Cappuccino & Crème brûlée

I suggest you, it is better if you let your stomach empty before you come here. With minimum purchase, it’s just like a buffet; you can eat as much as you want. My friend and I was like order four persons meal for two persons only, so full! You won’t regret the price you pay. It’s worth all the joy you’ll get here, especially if you come when there’s jazz performance; you’ll stay all night long and mind to leave.

Over all, I love the place. Homey and jazzy atmosphere, makes me don’t mind to stay any longer. I’m gonna love it better once they do something about their menus. But, I assure you, I’d love to be back here.

Until the next meeting at Red & White Lounge :)

Cheers and Beer,

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