Love Garage : Lovely Party to Start a Lovely Year

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Actually, this is too late for posting this, this event already past so many days ago. But, I can't stop myself from making a review about this event.

This is an event organized by ISMAYA Live and Dimensions. This event was held on 5th and 8th February at EX Park. On Sunday, 5th February the performers are (Local) Angsa & Serigala, Hightime Rebellion, Sir Dandy, Bayu Risa, DJ Hogi, DJ Anton, and DJ Dipha, (international) James Yuill and Canyons. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the day one of Love Garage, so I can’t tell you more about the hype there.
Day two, Wednesday, 8th February. The performers are Roman Foot Soldiers, Agrikulture (Local performers), Röyksopp, Bag Raiders, Erol Alkan, and Rory Phillips (International performers).

It does quite amaze me how ISMAYA changed EX Park into a cool outdoor party area. When I got through the gate, I was welcomed by Dimensions tenant which so huge. Along the right area, there are fashion district by Brightspot Market with brands One and a Half, Nikicio, Monstore, The Goods Dept, Pop Meets Pot, Happy Go Lucky and more. And along the left area, there are food tenant of The Goods Café, Wall’s Buavita, and Ismaya Catering.

The ground of EX Part was wet caused by rain that afternoon. Well, that’s not bothering me; consider the event as the mini version of Glastonbury. Muddy and sandy. Hahaha. Don’t make wrong imagination yet; it’s not as sandy and muddy as Glastonbury. But the weather was really nice the rest of the evening, even until midnight when I left the venue. And yes, there was full moon on the sky too.

When I got there, Agrikulture was on stage. And for me, they are one of most anticipated band in town, since they are such a great performer. Indeed. After that, Bag Raiders, duo from Australia finally ruled the stage, what more can I say? They made me love them. Chris Stracey and Jack Glass were really charming (especially Chris) with that look, that voice, created such a music and songs. GOSH! I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I hardly counted how many songs they’ve played that night, but I remembered clearly how they played Shooting Stars as the closing song and it was SUPER EPIC! My friend said, eargasm. Eeeerrrrrrr.


Next performer was Rory Phillips. His music was a little electronically ‘hardcore’ for me and my friends, so we decided to get out off the crowd and got us some beer while waiting for the next performer; Röyksopp which gonna played at 9.30 PM. Röyksopp are duo from Norway; Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland. But that night, it was not only two of them, there were two others members who played guitar and bass Their performance that night was literally fun, they add some theatrical tricks. The guitarist and bassist used  mask (mummy costume) almost during their performance. In the middle of the performance, Torbjørn kept using fantastic recycled stuffs; LED blazer, long coat from a brown sack, then a big mask was covering his face, from my position it looked like a darth vather ask, but made from plastic trash. Then they were called out their special guest to sing with them that night; Annelie Drecker. Not only to sing with them, Annelie made the show became more theatrical too with her voice and her moves. My friend even said that her performance reminded her to Bjork. After uncounted songs, I was really busy dancing (hahaha), the duo left the stage, and they want the audiences called out their names and shout “we want more” over them, before they finally back on stage and gave us the last song. The audiences were 100% satisfied by their performance.

Erol Alkan

Right after Röyksopp, the crew prepared DJ set on stage and everyone was ready for Erol Alkan. Just like Rory Phillips, Mr. Erol is electrically ‘hardcore’ for me (yes, I’m not a party people :p), but what can I do? My feet were too heavy to be moved. So, my friends and I decided to stay at where we were a little longer and faced it when Erol Alkan punch us with his tune and he seemed not let us left. He gave the beat on and on. Woot woot!!! But, I really got to leave before Erol even finished.

In short, I could conclude that LOVE GARAGE WAS A LOVELY PARTY. The sky was clear, there is beautiful moon, and wind’s blowing. It’s like even Earth gave this event a blessed, since at 3PM heavy rain was dropped until 5PM, but after that the weather was lovely. And the performers are errrrrrrrr; Bag Raiders was eargasm and epic, Röyksopp was remarkable and unforgettable!, and Erol Alkan was sadistically gorgeous.

The next day, I woke up with pain all over my body and I lost my voice, but I was happy. The night was just so lovely. I’ll see you again next year, Love Garage?

Last, thanks to the gank *smooch*
The gank

Cheers and Beer,

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