MIKA the Origin of Love Concert : Happy Night with Mr. Penniman, Jr.

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Fans of Mika, a musician born in Beirut, in Indonesia ​​spirited half-dead because of a news that M-Pro Entertainment, Entertainment Variant, and Diatonesia collaborated to bring Mika to Jakarta. After three albums since 2007, and hundreds of tweets to @mikasounds, sulking him to do a concert in Jakarta. Mika finally made his first concert in Jakarta on May 10th, 2013 at Skenoo Hall, Gandaria City.

British singer who was born with real name Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr. was scheduled to play at 20:00, but his fans were already waiting in line since 18:30. Upon entry into the concert area at 19:45 and waited about 30 minutes, finally Mika's band members appeared on stage, followed by Mika himself who sang straight Relax (Take It Easy), spontaneous hysterical audience, singing loudly. "Indonesia can sing" said Mika after sang Relax (Take It Easy). Mika that night wore a white shirt, dark blue suit with a red suspenders and a black fedora hat, bewitched the audiences on the first appearance on stage.

Although the concert is titled 'Origin of Love', but Mika did not forget to bring the songs from his two previous albums. Seven songs from the album Life in Cartoon Motion was sung from a total of 16 songs sung by Mika that night. Mika invites his fans to jump together on the song Love Today, screaming in the song We Are Golden. Then in the middle of the song Underwater Mika said, "I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are the last person on the planet. Now sing as loud as you can". The audience then closed their eyes and shouted "Underwater!" out loud, what a magical moment.

The crowd at Mika's concert that night could categorized into the best crowd, everyone was sang along to every song. Mika is an entertainer and a good performer, he created a pleasant atmosphere with his charm, charisma, and uniqueness. He couldn't stopped running from one side of the stage to the other, lie down and stand on top of the piano, kneeling on the stage, and of course did his famous jump. What an energetic guy. Unfortunately total of 16 songs made the concert a noticeably short and anti-climactic, but actually the waiting for years was paid off that night, the fans were satisfied with Mika's performance. Hopefully there will be time of Mika returned to Indonesia with his circus' concept concert.

Setlist: Relax (Take It Easy), Lola, Lollipop, Billy Brown, Popular Song, Stuck in the Middle, Rain Origin of Love, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), Underwater, Emily, Happy Ending, Love Today, Celebrate, Grace Kelly, dan We Are Golden, dan encore Lollipop.

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