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2:13 AM

Hey Folks, how was the three days on January 2013 so far? Mine are flat. Since I got nothing to do, but stay at home. So I got many free time to explore many things. One of my exploration goes to 8tracks. It's an music website where you can create a mix of your favorite tracks and also the place to listen many cool mixes from others. In fashion, I only care about how to wear what, don't give a damn about any brand, since I prefer no brand and do thrifting at the flea market. Not much different, in music, I don't give a damn who's the musicians. I don't care whether it indie music, major music, or traditional music, as long as it's good, I'll listen to it. I'll listen to them all. And thank God for giving such a wonderful ears that can accept any kind of music. YES! I listen to any kind of music. It makes me hard to answer "What is your most favorite band/musician?". I will never ever have the same answer for that question because I have no 'most favorite band'.

What about you, folks? Have you heard about 8tracks? Or maybe you already had an account on it? I've been noticing this website for during the last month. But I used to listen some songs on soundcloud and already have an account (which barely active) on makes me not interested in create another account for another music preference website (I mean 8tracks). Then one night my dearest hipster friend Dedi convincing about how 8tracks gives good preferences in musics, there will be any mixes that can adjusted to your mood. I am a impressionable person, so I give it a try at the same night. Creating an account at 8trackcs, listening to some mixes. Then voila, I found myself already addicted to it. Many many many great mixes with cool tracks which most of them are new to me. I'm in love.

Really glad that I follow my friend suggestion. Now my days are filled with more good musics and of course I get the chance to let people listen to my own mixes too. Today I was struggling with 8tracks and creating two mixes and down here one of them. Give it a try. Listen to it. For more about my music preference, please kindly check my profile on 8tracks for liked mixes, favorited tracks, and more ;)

Cheers and Beer,

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  1. You should write two weeks ago instead. Hahahaha.

    1. No. I should publish it just now. Considering my latest mix. *wink* hahaha