Backwood Sun : a New Folk Band to be Considered

12:49 PM

If you are on of Jakarta's music observer, especially the independent music. Or if you are one of Youtube user and been updated by every new video that uploaded to this site. So maybe you've noticed this band before. BACKWOOD SUN. They are new in town with folk as their genre. Sounds like The Trees and The Wild, Bon Iver, Local Natives, or Fleet Foxes. And Backwood Sun sheltered under Sinjitos Records.

I've been noticing this band for a couple month. Listening to their music on Youtube. On 13th October finally I got a chance to see them live on stage. They are on of the performers at Social Media Festival 2012 that held at Senayan Swimming Pool Arena, Jakarta. They scheduled to be on stage at 21.00. And YES! there they were. On time!

I forgot how many songs they play on stage, but I can remember clearly there was no mistake or nuisance during the performance. The sound was clear, the lights were beautifully adding dramatization to their performance. Over all, that was a very nice performance. Their last song was spinning in my head the whole night.

Since I didn't record any video of their performance that night, so down here is on of their video from Sinjitos' Youtube Channel. Just so you know their music. The song here titled Wilderness.

And surely, waiting for their new single or maybe their album?

Other pictures, click here

Cheers and Beer,

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