Joyland Festival: Two Days Full of Joy

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G-Production re-presented an outdoor music festival; Joyland. After a successful event last year, this year Joyland happen to be organized at 7th and 8th December and located at Krida Loka Park, Senayan. Back with the exact same concept: picnic, gigs, and movies screening.

Krida Loka Park was transformed into a very sweet outdoor music area (let's just ignore the fact that the rain on the day two turned the area muddy) with lanterns, fairy lights, and the sacks were deliberately held in front of the stage so that the audience can sit back enjoy the music performances. The audience is given the option to enjoy the stage A or stage B, the size of the two stages are not much different.

The line ups of Joyland was the decoy; White Shoes and the Couples Company, Rock N Roll Mafia, The Trees and the Wild, Tika and the dissidents, Sore, Float, Banda Neira, Space System, Tiga Pagi, Dialog Dini Hari, Sajama Cut, Leonardo and His Six Impeccable, Angsa dan Serigala, We Love ABC, Bing, Polkawars, Luky Annash, Sentimental Moods, and Dried Cassava. One word for the line-ups: Jackass.

The interesting part of Joyland is each performance was interspersed with short film screenings. So, while the next performers did the sound check, the festival goers could watch the screened films. The two stages was exactly across to each other, but there's no scheduling conflict between the Stage A and Stage B. When on Stage A showing the performance of musician X, on Stage B was played short films A, B, C, and so on. Two-days event, the scheduling execution goes well and neatly. There is absolutely no scheduling conflict occurs between Stage A and Stage B.

There was only one lack of the event: the lack of signage around the venue, not even around Krida Loka Park, which was protrudes and almost hidden. There were only few banners near the gate Senayan Swimming Pool, but the signage were also outnumbers compare to the signage of other events. Some of my friends found it hard to find the place.

At Joyland first day, there were 10 performers. Started by We Love ABC and ended up by The Trees and the Wild. One band that I really look forward was Rock N Roll Mafia. As usual, their stage act was freakin' rockin ', but too bad during their performance most of the audience chose to sit still. I chose to stand on the left side of the stage, sang and stomping along with several other people. RNRM action became more frenzied when they invited Ade Paloh himself on stage for a rendition of Castillo Del Arena. It feels amazing to see Ade Paloh on stage with different band and music. After that, I look forward to see Banda Neira's performance. It was my very first time listen to their music, also my very first them seeing them on stage, one word to describe their performance: sweet. It's lovely to see their chemistry on stage. Freakin'ly sweet.

On the first day, my most anticipated performance was from The Trees and the Wild. Been a while since the last time I saw their stage act. There is a sense of longing that is not defined for this. I chose to sit right in front of the stage, next to big sounds and in front of a sound monitor. Quite crazy thing because after that I felt like thousands of bees buzzing in my ears. But it was paid off by the very very very exceptional performance. At one of their song that night, the tune was decreasing then the vocal of Charita Utamy was infiltrating between the low tune, and the atmosphere suddenly felt magical even the wind blows. Do not know for sure how many songs they played, I counted 3 songs (correct me if I'm wrong). Three songs without pause, even without the necessary to introduce personnel, or the song, or anything. TTATW were only being on stage and performing, playing what they planned to play, once again without the necessity to make any interaction with the audience by any conversation, but the audiences were connected to them by their music, their performance. Well, at least, I was felt connected to them. And their performance was crept me, in a good way. There is a quality that always makes me always praising and looking forward for TTATW's performance and that night I was reminded of why I love their music. They made me fall in love to their music once again. And their last appearance was E-P-I-C!! Successfully creates a satisfied smile even until the next morning. For me, the best performance on Joyland day one was definitely The Trees and the Wild.

The second day I came bringing the happiness of TTATW's performance on the previous day, but with the intention that I was ready to move on from that happiness. I came a little late that day but luckily still had the chance to see Space System's last song. Their music kinda new to me and the performance quite interesting, hope could see their performance again soon. After Space System's performance, I was going to the front row to enjoy the stage act of Tika and the dissidents. Once Tika, the vocalist, entered the stage, she asked the audience to stand up. I was gladly stand up and occupy the front row, right in front of Tika. Tika and the Dissidents' performance was always fun and energetic, this time they played their new album of material, Unlearn the Fight, Tubuhku Otoritasku, Tiptoed, and some songs from the previous album. That was the second time I heard their new material and I was mesmerized. Really hope the album will be soon completed and distributed.

Next performance was from Float, actually I was too often seen their performance lately. So this time I chose to stand in the back, near to the sound director tent. Late last appearance of course. Sore's performance that night felt long and satisfying. Many songs were played and everyone was sing along. And that it was again, one of the most enjoyable thing, standing between the real fans of a band, I could feel different energy both from the fans and the band. When I talk about Sore and their real fans, it's not only a few people but almost everyone there that night. Excellent.

Sore's performance at Joyland Festival was very slick. But sorry, for me, the best performance during the festival was The Trees and the Wild.

Here I tried to deduce Joyland Festival, 2013, as follows: the line ups were 'jackass', unexpected venue, neat execution, sleek decoration, affordable ticket prices, thus making Joyland Festival 2013 as one of the most enjoyable gigs throughout 2013. So after all, the lack of signage was forgivable and hopefully would be better next year.

Thank you G-Production. See you at Joyland Festival 2014 then?

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More photos of the event here.

Cheers and Beer,

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