Backwood Sun’s Concert: A Magical Night

6:21 PM

Backwood Sun is an indie folk band under the indie label Sinjitos. Band consisting of Lim Rendy, Bowo Pranoto, Chandra Wijaya, Ready Febrian, and Martius F. was formed in 2011. First time hearing the song of Backwood Sun on Sinjitos' souncloud, "hmm pretty good". First time seeing their performance at SocMed Fest 2012, "mesmerizing". Since then I kept my eyes on this band.

Saturday, 8th June 2013 they held a mini concert entitled "Magic Folk Music" at atamerica, Jakarta. On the schedule, Backwood Sun planned to play at 19:00, but at 18:30 the room was still empty, only four people on the room, including me. Great, it means the gigs would be a super intimate gigs, right? :p Two hours performance, hard to remember how many songs they played that night. Since they did not only play their songs, but also covered some songs from other musicians; such as OASIS, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Mumford and Sons (am I right? Forgot euy hahaha). Backwood Sun's performance that evening was really enjoyable and entertaining, in between songs, they occasionally greet and talk with the audience. Several times I caught some internal jokes that came out between the personnel and the audience, despite making most people in the room frown, but could still make a smile. As well, several times they made ​​a small mistake like forgetting lyrics, forget the key tone, which makes the atmosphere of the night was so much more fun, though it was still super cold in the auditorium of atamerica. Wasn't so sure, there's a part Rendy forgot the lyric when sang Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons. Is it right? :p Anyway, they introduced a new song titled Seven Shadows, which, for God's sake, really GOOD! Magical!

Surely a mesmerizing night. Hopefully I could catch up Backwood Sun's next gigs at JAMS 10th, this 24th August.

Some photos of the event, click.

 photo e7c6ac381c70467386bb035dabce3325_zps0a30771e.jpg
 photo 133e29d982cc44dd185375f97b3bf523_zpse4a035ea.jpg
 photo 6c6b044f284be516ca76271b3d2d614c_zpsaffd0a14.jpg

Cheers and Beer,

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