Journey Through the Screen II

9:33 PM


Last week, Sinematografi UI was invited by Desarupa Gambar Bergerak to participated their event called Journey Through the Screen II. We submitted one of our movie to this event. Our brand new movie titled "Waktu Kunjung Pacar" directed by Nizar. The event, JTS II (Journey Through the Screen II) itself organized at Trisakti University, at 14 December 2012. It was actually the second time Desarupa Gambar Bergerak organizing this event, the first one was last year.

After been through literally long way and heavy rain from Depok to Grogol, I finally made it there, accompanying the producer of "Waktu Kunjung Pacar", Fety. The event took place at R Building, 2nd floor. It's not difficult to find and once I got there, it impressed me, the place. It was medium room and they made it as a personal room with an intimate atmosphere in it. A projector, carpets, juice, snacks. Just a great idea!! Even the decoration for the event was inevitably clever. They brought 'beach' setting to the room event the MC was using a wide summer hat. Beautiful.

There were eight short movies (including two animations and one stop motion) being screened. If I'm not mistaken, the movies were come from four campuses around Jakarta. The story of the movie is different from one another. Some of them were about love. They all great and interesting. And after each screening, the director or producer or anyone behind the movies producing, got the chance to tell the audience about anything they want to know behind the film making.

What I like the most from this kind of event was it gave alternative movies to watch among those movies on the cinema which sometimes were boring and cheesy. I will always love to come to this kind of event. So, for the genk of Desarupa Gambar Bergerak, keep up the great things. Definitely will be waiting for the next event. And I hope Desarupa Gambar Bergerak and Sinematografi UI could have chance to have a collaboration in such an event.

Last, thank you so much for having us, Desarupa Gambar Bergerak.

Cheers and Beer,

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