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7:09 PM

Taken by Fizh

Pict: Taken by Fizh Attahiyyat

This wednesday I came to this event that organized by Whiteboard Journal, Movie Mystery Club. Actually it just another movie screening. What's make it different? You won't know what movie you're gonna watch until you are at the venue. So, that's why it's called "movie mystery".

From the post on WJournal (a short for Whiteboard Journal), it is the third event. They make it every month. I notice last month's event but couldn't make it to come. And when they organized it again and I could find friends to accompany me so I decided to come. And I tell you, I don't regret it.

This event was organized at WSpace, Kemang. And honestly, I've never been there before. Me and my friends have to go around Kemang half an hour to finally find this place. When we arrive, the movie has started about 20-30 minutes. One of my friends already watched the movie that being screened, he said that it's titled "The Chaser". From the movie, I could guess that it's a Korean movie. It's about a pshyco that love to kill people using hammer, chasiel, and other hard tools. For me, it's such an interesting movie to watch. The managing director does have a good taste in choosing the movie.

But, do you know what's more interesting about this? The setting of the screening room. They're using a projector that shot to a wide white walls. Then put on some carpets in front of the walls. So, people could lied down while watching the movie. So, it's possible for you to bring some pillows with you, too, and pretend that you're watching movies in your own house with close friends. Oh, I forgot to mention they're also giving free popcorn for them who come early.

Another interesting thing, the people who come. My friend said "It's like a hipsters' club". Hahaha. Hope you guys knew what he meant by saying that. I did and do understand *wink* hahaha

There's only one thing I regret was I didn't bring a camera with me.

Cheers and Beer,

P.S. I think it's gonna be an event that I'll be waiting for every month. My question to WJournal, why don't you give a dresscode in every Movie Mystery Club? It's gonna be more interesting :p

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