Java Soulnation 2012 : The Urban Festival

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Java Soulnation, one of the biggest music festival organized by Java Festival Production. It is prove that maybe Java Festival Production want to dominate the music festival in Indonesia in any music genre, in case you forget Java Festival Production also have Java Jazz Festival and Java Rocking Land. Until today, it is still become the best music festival organizer.

Just like the previous event, it takes place at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. At 28, 29, 30 September 2012. Compare to 2011 event, for me, the line up for this year is better but yet get little interest from festival goers. Or maybe this year event just lose competitiveness of other big concerts in Jakarta that coming on the next months. All I know, not many people in the venue the day I came.

Java Soulnation 2012's line up are James Morrison, Scissor Sisters, and Robin Thicke (for the special show) and Hercules And Love Affair, Jay Sean, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Theme Park, Color Me Badd, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and they also bring back the last year line up, Valerius. And for the local performers they get all the best artists in town, all is my favorite. GOSH! Bayurisa, Bubugiri, Rock n Roll Mafia, Tulus, Stereocase, Stereomantic, Homogenic, Bottlesmoker, and many moooooore.

This year, I actually get the chance to come to the day 2 and day three. But, I only make it to the day two. Thanks to JUICE Magazine for the ticket. Honestly, I'M DYING to come on the day 2. People asking me, "Who do you want to see on the day 2?". The international artists? Honestly, I don't know, maybe Valerius and Hercules and Love Affair. I'm dying to see all the local performers; Bayurisa, Parisude, Tulus, Rock n Roll Mafia, Wizzow (Batik Tribe Reunion), and also Stereocase.

I'm coming late due to take the ticket at JUICE's office at Lebak Bulus the hell of traffic jam in Jakarta, for God's sake. I'm planning to see Stereocase, as the opening of the day 2, but can't make it. Stereocase play at 5 and I just I arrived at 6. But I arrive just in time Wizzow (Batik Tribe Reunion) on JUICE Maverick stage. Not much people around me, but at least these not much people seems could enjoy their performance. Batik Tribe actually have good songs and moral within the songs.

After that I have to choose between Tulus and Valerius. It's hard to choose, I wanna see both, but the stage of one another pretty far. I came to the stage where Tulus' gonna play but the soundcheck not finish yet, so I run to the stage where Valerius' gonna play. And just in time, the MC on stage to bring them out. And there they are! Valerius the band from Amsterdam!! I countless the songs they played, an hour performance really satisfy me. It is really fun to see their act performance, especially Jelte, the keyboardist. But the crowd isn't really cool. Thank God, I'm surrounded by them who know Valerius, so I still get the hype and the fun. And don't forget that I can cross the crowd and reach the front line, so forget those people behind and dance! Hahaha

After all, I get no chance to watch Tulus on stage. So right after Valerius, I run to the main stage and going to see Hercules And Love Affair, a group from New York. And again, I come just in time when the MC already on stage then bring Hercules and Love Affair's out. Hercules and Love Affair brings all the fun, joy, and dance. I'm in love with their wardrobe. Way so cool and pretty. And for the crowd, thank God it's better than Valerius and Batik Tribe back there.

After that, I run for Rock N Roll Mafia! One of local musicians, I've never seen their performance before. Oh, so glad finally get the chance to see them live! From today's performance now I know only two members left in this band. And tonight they're featuring Maliq and d'Essentials, one of my favorite band a couple year ago. They nail everyone's heart on the closing with Zsa Zsa Zsu.

After Rock N Roll Mafia, I have plenty time to get some energy before Bayurisa. I get some drinks and enjoy the performance of Parisude from afar. But still I can see how unique Mirza and Chitarra and their electronica with the touch of ethnic music. And they beautifully close their performance with the cover song "Fix You" by Coldplay. What a beautiful chilling moment.

Again I have to choose between two performers, the most interesting performer of Java Soulnation 2012; TEED (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs). And my current favorite local musician; Bayurisa. You may call me crazy or silly but in the end I choose Bayurisa instead of TEED. And I don't regret it!! The whole team of Bayurisa is there: Hogi Wirjono, Iyub, Sulung, and Dhipa Barus (the DJs), also Sara Salim, the beautiful lady Hannah Al Rashid, and FandyDFMC. I even can't help myself from dancing during his their act on stage. I love the energy Bayurisa shows long the performance. He dances, jumps, sings gorgeously. And not forgetting that he changes his wardrobe three times. All of his look are cool! Again, I have to sorry to the performers, the crowd was really bad. Bayurisa jumps and runs from one side of the stage to another, but people who share the same energy still possible to count with my fingers. Just too bad. But, Bayurisa and the gangs seem not to lose energy, they're having fun on stage and so do I in front of the stage. I am really satisfied of their performance. WELL DONE! Great thing to end the night, I guess.

The conslusion of Java Soulnation day 2: Dance, Sing, Losing Voice, Don't Care! I really having fun that night. The whole event is pretty complete fun. Not only with the stages and performers, I also having fun at the booths. Having Banana Coffee and trying the photo booth at Nescafe's Booth. Trying the photo booth at JUICE Magazine's booth. And the closing is super perfect. I believe that in the future, Java Soulnation could better and cooler.





Cheers and Beer,

P.S. Click Here for the photo set of the event

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