[OPEN CALL - EXTENDED] Aku Diponegoro: Sang Pangeran Dalam Ingatan Bangsa

2:38 PM

Submission Deadline: November 30

Diponegoro ranks among Indonesia’s most important national heroes. The Javanese prince, who fought against Dutch colonial rule, was the leader of the five-year struggle against the Dutch known as the Java War (1825-1830). He was eventually captured and exiled to Sulawesi, where he died in 1855.

Diponegoro is at the center of an upcoming exhibition which presents artworks related to and inspired by the national hero. At the same time, it shows historical and sociological interpretations of how Diponegoro shaped Indonesian visual art history. The exhibition, titled “Aku Diponegoro: Sang Pangeran dalam Ingatan Bangsa, dari Raden Saleh hingga Kini” will be held from 5 February to 8 March 2015 at the Indonesian National Gallery (Galeri Nasional Indonesia) and commemorates the memory of Diponegoro in the life of the nation.

We are looking for objects and artefacts (paintings, woodcuts, ceramics, sculptures, posters, manuscripts, cartoons, memorials, etc.) depicting Prince Diponegoro, to be presented as part of the exhibition.

If you would like to submit your Diponegoro item as part of the exhibit, please send us images of your objects and artefacts to akudiponegoro@jakarta.goethe.org together with the completed exhibition form which can be downloaded here.

If we want to include your works in the exhibition, we will contact you directly to discuss the practical details relating to your objects/artefacts loan for the duration of the exhibition.

If you have any further questions or need information related to the upcoming exhibit, please contact:
Dima Andari / Lisna
Phone: +6221 23550208 ext 116
Email: akudiponegoro@jakarta.goethe.org

Cheers and Beer,

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