Cold : It's Not The City, It's The People

4:54 PM

Accidentally found a 26-minute short film titled COLD, directed by Waseem Shaikh, on Youtube. This film tells a story of one night in Toronto, the city that is known as 'cold' to strangers, people barely smile to others. The plot contains eight stories of eight characters which intersect over in one night. What's interesting is that they put a description which tells "They say people in Toronto just do not smile at each other. Yet, in a city notorious for being cold to strangers, Several lives intersect one night, Oblivious to the loneliness that connects them all. COLD is a bitter-sweet ode to Toronto, the city that brings us all together, yet somehow manages to keep us distant". And there I was hooked!

One message of this film: how a simple smile can make someone feel better. A simple scene that reveals this is when Divo (the radio DJ) thanking the old-transgender-man (I couldn't guess his name) because he paid for his hotdog. After that, the old-man stating "You were the first person to smile to me tonight". The movie touch me there. Everyone has their own problem and think that their problem is bigger than everybody else, so they're being hard to everybody as to them self. And in the end, they think that no one understand them, no one care and at that state they would imprison them self from the society and not realize that there's actually, at least, one person who cares.

Smile, not because some stranger would buy you a hotdog, but because you never know the impact of a smile, though it was forced or even fake. I always believe "Being nice will not harm you nor anybody" and this film shows it's true. Well, not easy to not suspicious or wary to people around, (especially at night) but you can always try, am I wrong?

Cheers and Beer,

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