Call for Entries: MUSLIHAT OK. Video - 6th Jakarta International Video Festival

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MUSLIHAT OK. Video - 6th Jakarta International Video Festival
Exhibition, Competition, Discussion, Public Program
4-15 September 2013 / Galeri Nasional Indonesia


OK. Video raises “Muslihat” [Deception] as the main theme for the festival this year. Within the theme, we are trying to observe the practices of outsmarting the technology in daily life, especially in non-producer countries like Indonesia. "Muslihat" is an Indonesian word that has a close relation to “tricks” or “strategy”. It is considered perfectly to represent the particular phenomenon that has been happening in the consumer society. In the same time, “Muslihat” has a mystical sense; making the impossible possible. With a little "strategy" and "tactics", a technology product that is created with limited form and function, can function well enough to meet the user or consumer's desire.

Outsmarting the technology can be seen as an attempt to add or alter the function or value of the object, to substitute, to lengthen the usage period, playing around, aesthetics, or even against and challenging the system. These motives can be used to see, observe, and reflect how the society address and criticize the presence of media technology products as part of mass production object.

MUSLIHAT OK. Video - 6th Jakarta International Video Festival accepts works in the format of: multimedia, moving image, single-channel, online-based, installation / Produced between 2011-2013 / Deadline 10 July 2013 / Free submission charge! / Three best works will receive special award and will be announced on the opening night at the National Gallery of Indonesia.

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OK. Video - Jakarta International Video Festival is a biennial video festival held since 2003 by ruangrupa, a contemporary arts organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia. OK. Video gives spaces to video works concerning social and cultural phenomena in Indonesia and abroad within a festival with specific theme.

Be the part of this year event and show the world your works.

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