LOCAL RADAR: It's Colorful, It's Bright, It's Glowing, It's NEON!

10:46 AM

Currently, I'm adoring beautiful fashion products; bracelets, from a local brand creation named NEON! I was randomly find this brand on an bazaar at FISIP UI's event named LocalFest. In that bazaar I found many local brands with their unique fashion products. NEON was one of them. Their booth was located right in the center so when I entered the venue booth of NEON was the first booth I saw. I was easily in love with the bracelets. They have beautiful eye catching bright colors. Some of them are even glowing, yes like glowing in the dark! Not only the colors, the design of each bracelets look really fun and unique.

Now, I have five of their collections. I hope there'll be more unique and fun design from NEON. And please create more adjustable bracelets for some of your customers are, like me, having skinny arms :p

 photo IMG_4039_zpsb2248fce.jpg
 photo IMG_4037_zpscfc83968.jpg
These are my NEON! collections
 photo IMG_4028_zpsee735574.jpg
It is "Jack" my first NEON!
 photo IMG_4033_zpsd6cb1a09.jpg
It is "Alien"
 photo IMG_4034_zps762401e2.jpg
It is "Grace Hopper"
 photo IMG_4030_zps337d7b2b.jpg
This beautiful one is "Ego"
 photo IMG_4035_zpsa6b8886b.jpg
This one is my favorite for its gorgeous colors, "Diet"

Those are my collections of NEON. What do you think about them, folks? Looking forward for your opinions. Every comment is welcomed :)

Cheers and Beer,

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