Postcard From Far Away

1:48 AM

Today I meet up with my super cool friend, Fajar. Then we end up at McD. The day before he said that he got a package from our Taiwanese buddy, Jerry Li and he said he want to meet me so we both can open that package together. We are cute, aren't we? I know! Hahaha

Then, today we end up at McDonald's, he pull out the packet then open it. It contains two postcards, one with his name on it and ther others with mine. And also two cute bookmarks; one in black and the others in white. Fajar ask me to choose the bookmark, I chose the white one. Later, based on Jerry's explanation, we realized that each bookmark have a message. The black one is "Victory" and the white, the one I chose is "Good luck". OH YES! I really need many wishes of luck for me.

Fajar got the postcard with lantern light picture on it. It was something about a celebration of Chinese based on lunar calender or something. Jerry explains the philosophy of the picture on the postcard. And for me Jerry gave the one with picture of big city, sky scrappers building, beautiful blue sky. I really really really love the picture. Deep inside, I love big city more than anything including mountain and beach. Dear Jerry, why you choose that one for me? Because you know I'll love it? :p

The Bookmark



Anyway, thank you soooooooo much for the postcard. I'll keep it or maybe I'll put it on wall among the pictures of my friends.

Anyway, hope you're doing well there in Taiwan, Jerry. Hoping we'll meet again someday somewhere. Love.

Cheers and Beer,

P.S. I think I'll start hunting some postcards then send them for my friends outside the country. Just to keep this friendship longer and closer.

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