Deus ex Machina

7:36 PM


Have you once in your life attracted or feel enchanted into a several words or phrases in a weird way?
That is happening to me right now.


At the beginning for me it's just a name of a place in Bali, a very beautiful place. Heaven in nowhere (at least, that's one of my friend said). The place which is out of the blue became the place where We Are Scientist did a very spontanoues gig last year.

Until in the middle of the afternoon, in the cafe, I browse the website of Deus ex Machina in Bali and one of my friend said "Deus ex machina is a term from Greek, right?"

I have no idea.

Then, she explained that deus ex machina in short can be described as a method. It happened in theatre, poet, or movie where the ending of the story is surprisingly or awakwardly unpredictable and could only happen because of God's act. And the meaning of Deus ex machina itself is "From God the machine", its latin.

My friend give an example, a movie titled "Magnolia", an omnibus with some stories. The big outline is about war. How the war finally end? Rain of frogs. YES rain of frogs. People forget about the war because they're suddenly busy for this frog issue. How could there's a rain of frogs? God knows.

Since that, "Deus ex Machina" keeps lingering in my mind. I can't sleep at night and keep googling about this phrase. Yes, this phrase really enchanted me in a creepy way.

For me it's a creepy phrase because it reminds me that the whole story (beautiful story) we created in this world when we live, could possibly end in tragic way because of God and only God could do that. After all we the things we did, we could only pray to God to give us a beautiful ending or at least a normal ending. That's my pray everyday to God since the day the phrase haunt me.

Cheers and Beer,


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  1. divine intervention. hahaha. i like it too.. but.. not the rain of frogs.

    1. God, please, no rain of frogs. Just don't!