Photoset : NBL Series Jakarta

4:35 PM

The game was at 7th April 2012 at Hall A, Senayan. I saw the match of Satria Muda Britama Vs Pelita Jaya Esia, Dell Aspac Vs NSH GMC, Garuda Speedy Bandung Vs BSC.

There's a moment I will never forget for my whole life. Last second of quarter 4, Satria Muda was left one point from PJE then Welly hit two more points for Satria Muda. YES! The timers scoreboard showed that at 00:00 Satria Muda lead the game. Are they won? No! Then, what's happening? PJE got two free throw. How could that happen??? Then, the free throw was perfect and there were two more points for PJE and yes they won the game. ARGH!! That was became a nightmare for me. But, I had to admit that PJE was GODDAMN GOOD! And Satria Muda did need Coach Ito :'(

This is when Satria Muda Britama got their Reguler Season Championship

 Oh now, I really can't wait for the championship series.

Cheers and Beer,

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