Run Baby Run

4:50 PM

At first, I wanna tell you, I don't know why I feel want to post this.
Hampir tiga bulan terakhir, hidup gw teralihkan dan terpusat untuk BookFest ini merupakan acara pertama yang gw pimpin. And I admitted that I am a bad leader. It is always hard to be leader, but do you know what's harder than that? To be a leader of your friends and the fact that everybody turns bitch. I don't wanna talk the details, me and my friends know. And in the end everything on that event gone well.
Acara ini punya makna tersendiri buat gw, terutama buat pengembangan diri gw. Banyak yang berubah karena acara ini, berubah jadi lebih baik ataupun lebih buruk. I just gonna take those all easily. I don't want to worry my life anymore.
Thank you for everybody that help me organized this event. We are great :)
Should I mention their name? Oh it is a lot!

Oh yeah, there are some things to say. BookFest brought me to some new experience in life. I got the chances to work with some Japanese researcher (Granma) and with a cool event organizer (Weekender Management which organized Wrangler Campus Concert Tour). Gw gak bisa jelasin bagaimana hidup gw rasanya menjadi lebih seru belakangan ini. And it makes me to stay this way forever.

After the event done, I got to face the reality that I have to focus to my college. I hate this reality, school is boring and thesis is waiting and I'm hitting the last semester already. And I guess now I have to be hurry, buru-buru untuk menata kembali kuliah gw yang berantakan, sebelum gw tertinggal dari temen-temen gw. Gw ingin cepat-cepat menyelesaikan semua ini, capek bersusah-susah karena urusan perkuliahan. Life outside the campus more challenging.

Well, yeah welcome back to normal boring life, Lisna. Just enjoy it and don't let it bore you or worry you.
Hope you, guys, have a great life

Cheers and beer,

P.S. It's okay to be hurry but don't be worry. So run baby run, but remember to run with style.
In that photo is Sigi Wimala and this photo taken from

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  1. Asik, run with style. Yeah! Whatever we wanna do, always do it with style!
    Semangat, Na, tentang skripsyiongnya. Kita lulus tahun depan!!!! *ngarep*

  2. Iya dong, terlihat kece itu wajib, you'll never know siapa yang akan kamu temui kaaan?
    Amiiiiiiin. Kita harus lulus tepat waktu ne.