Charlie Bartlett

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Title: Charlie Bartlett
Director: Jon Poll
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Cast: Anton Yelchin as Charlie Bartlett
Robert Downey Jr. as Principal Nathan Gardner
Hope Davis as Marilyn Bartlett
Kat Dennings as Susan Gardner
Tyler Hilton as Murphy Bivens
Mark Rendall as Kip Crombwell

(It is how he looked at the first day at school, no wonder he got bullied ;p)

This movie was started with a teen boy named Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin) dropped out from a private academic then enroll to a public high school which has an alcoholic principal named Nathan Gardner (Robert Downey Jr.). There Charlie got a problem of having new friends because he was different compare to all the student in that school. Even, at his first day at school he had to had lunch with the most weird pupil. He introduced himself to a depressed boy, Kip Crombwell (Mark Rendall) who haven't speak to any other student and often became bully object of Murphy Bivens (Tyler Hilton). He try to be nice to Murphy, but the fact this student was a very rebel one at school, instead of getting new friend, in fact he got a punch right at his eye. Murphy not only gave him a punch but also filmed it. Besides that terrible things, he got something sweet, he saw a beautiful girl.

The next day, he didn't attend the class because he was afraid. then his mother, Marilyn Bartlett (Hope Davis), call a family therapist. Then Charlie share his story with that therapist, about the bully. And the therapist gave him some recipe of medicine, a bugs of prescription drugs. He consumed it regularly. Day by day he acted strangely. Like a drunk man. He play the piano, singing loudly, even he ran around the neighborhood, naked.

After some therapy times with different therapist, he got an idea, then he asked his first-day-at-school friend to kidnap Murphy. Then they brought Murphy to Charlie's Limo. Charlie asked Murphy why he bullied him? Did he do something wrong him? Charlie acted as a therapist. Murphy realized that Charlie was right then he feel guilty and say sorry to Charlie. Charlie gave an offer to Murphy, to be his partner in giving an consultation to the students that had problem of their life; at school, at home, even at their social life. After that, Charlie and Murphy become a partner and good friend.
The next day, they started their plan. They used boy's restroom as the place to consult. In fact, so many student interested to consult to Charlie. Charlie also gave medicine's recipe for everyone that consulted. Charlie get the recipes from the family's therapist. After his friend consulted to him, he went home and shared his friends stories to the therapist but he told that the stories was his, not his friends'.

Suddenly, he become very famous at school. Everybody know him. Everybody listen to him and do what he said to do. His friends thought he was a helpful therapist. And he got close to a girl named Susan Gardner (Kat Dennings), daughter of Nathan Gardner, principal of the school. They like each other and find that they have some similarity. But, Nathan didn't really like Charlie because he thought that Charlie was such a weird boy and he gave a bad influence to others student.
Well, Charlie got many friends and he also got the popularity just like he wanted. Then how’s it going? How about his relationship with Susan? And what Nathan did to make his daughter away from the weird boy, Charlie?

Over all, I like this movie this is just so teen. Suitable for teenager. This movie is "Tolol seada-adanya". Sorry I have to say it in Bahasa so it's not lost its sense of words.
In scale 7,5 of 10 and I put it on ' A Must Watch. Recommended!!' category.
And it’s all because the actor Anton Yelchin, I don’t know why, I like him and his way of speaking, his accent. Weird and unique.
Another interesting me of this movie is Charlie’s style. Simple, t-shirt and blazer. And for you who love to wear t-shirt, you’ll find lot of cool t-shirt in this movie.
The only dialog I remember from this movie is
Charlie: I’m 17 and popularities are pretty damn for me.Principal Nathan: There are more important things. Like, what you do with that popularity.
And also some statement
“I can’t kill myself. I have many responsibility,” Principal Nathan.
“You need to stop listening to me. Stop listening to people telling you who you should be. And stop listening to people that tell you, you’re not good enough to do thing you wanna do,” Charlie.
That’s all my review about the movie Charlie Bartlett.
I’ll never forget telling you that this review and overview is just a PERSONAL opinion, my opinion. We might have a different opinion about the same movie. So, you better watch it by yourself.
Feel free to read this and leave a comment.

Cheers and beer,

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