Step Up 3

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Title: Step Up 3D
A film by Jon Chu
Genre Drama
Cast: Rick Malambri as Luke
Adam G. Sevani as Moose
Sharni Vinson as Natalie
Alyson Stoner as Camille
Joe Slaughter as Julien

This movie is about a battle of the House of Samurai Crew Dance led by Julien and the House of Pirates Crew Dance led by Luke which wanna be a champion at World Jam Dance Competition. For several years, house of Samurai had hold the champion title and this year the Pirates really want to win this battle to get the money. Because they have to pay for the Vault's (the headquarter of Pirates) rent that's been late for 5 months.

They start to figure out how to beat the Samurai's. Practicing new moves. Then, one day Luke (Malambri) go to the park near New York University where a street dance's battle happened. There Kid Darkness (member of Samurai's) battled up some dancers. Then there is a kid named Moose (Sevani) which accidentally step down to the battle arena and the gazers suddenly give a bet for Moose to face out Kid Darkness. They started the battle, show off their moves. Moose's moves was really amazing and original. When he dance, chaotic happened then polices were coming. Luke who watch this incident, pull up Moose to help him runaway from the police.
Then Luke took Moose to the Vault and introduced him to all the Pirates' member. The Vault was not only a headquarter and the house to live of Pirates but also a secret club for the dancers in NYC. There Luke got his eye to a gorgeous girl on the dance floor. Luke follow her to know her more. At the same time, Moose was get a trouble with the Samurai's. Some member of Samurai was following him and ask him for another battle because they can't accept that Kid Darkness was defeated by a freshmen. The Vault was in a chaos.

The girl of the dance floor who attracted Luke decided to stay in Vault. Her name was Natalie. All the member of Pirates were gathering, to welcoming new two member, Moose and Natalie. Luke asked them to join with the Pirates to the World Jam. Moose was doubt because he already promise to his parents that he won't dance again and will focus on study. But, the temptation was really big and he did really has a passion on dance. Then he say yes, also Natalie. Then together they practice hard to prepare for the World Jam.
Luke and Natalie felt something between them, a crush. They shared stories about their childhood. About what made them love dance. But, Natalie kept a secret, a dark secret. She felt guilty to Pirates, especially Luke. Then she left Pirates and never coming back. Luke got a message from Natalie one night, she asked him to come to her party. Luke asked Moose to accompany him to come to that party. They come, without invitation, then sneaked out through the kitchen. Luke danced Tango to Natalie. After that, Natalie's secret was revealed that made Luke mad then left her. He back to the vault and find another problem, that the Vault became a public auction. Julien bought it. One by one member's of Pirate was leaving.

Some troubles come up. Moose can manage time for Pirates and for school, his best old friends from Maryland School of Arts, Camille, was mad at him 'cause he frequently not show up on their appointment. Camille felt that Moose hide something from her. Camille was really mad when Moose didn't come to the Halloween party when he already promised her that he will be her partner on that Halloween party as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Moose didn't realize, Camille loves him.
What about the championship? Are they will gather again, the Pirates? Will they win? Who Natalie really was? Will she ever coming back? What about Moose and Camille? Will Camille forgive Moose? Their friendship, can they be a lover?

I really really really love this movie. I rewarded it as my FAVORITE MOVIE.
And put it on 'A Must Watch. Recommended!!' category.
The Dances, The Songs, The Lights, The Costumes.
So attractive. So luxurious. So gorgeous.
Every scene of this movie stuck on my mind. After watch it, I feel like I wanna dance too. Hahaha. They moves beautifully beautiful. I feel like I watch a dance competition, not a movie. Really really really well done.

This one is my favorite character, Vladd (Chadd 'Madd Chadd' Smith). He had a very unique moves, robot dancer. Love him :*
And don't forget the soundtrack, all that beat up songs which gonna make you shaky during the movie. Here are the song list:
1. Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida (Feat. David Guetta)
2. My Own Step – Roscoe Dash & T-Pain (Feat. Fabo)
3. This Instant – Sofia Fresh (Feat. T-Pain)
4. Already Taken – Trey Songz
5. This Girl – Laza
6. Fancy Footwork – Chromeo
7. Beggin’ – MadCon
8. Up – Jessie McCartney
9. Bust Your Windows – Jazmine Sullivan
10. I Can Be A Freak – Estelle
11. Whatchadoin’ – NASA
12. Tear Da Roof Off – Busta Rhymes
13. Move If You Wanna – Mims
14. Shawty Got Moves – Get Cool
15. Irresistible – Wisin y Yandel
16. Let Me C It – Get Cool (Feat. Petey Pablo)
17. Empire State Of Mind - Jay Z feat. Alicia Keys
18. ABC’s – K’Naan
19. Tetris – Electrixx
20. I Like That – Static Revenger and Richard Vission featuring Luciana
and other 30 songs. For more songs and in which scene the songs was heard please check to this web: Soundtrack Movie.

But, there is a shortfall of the movie. The story, the drama, was a very plain and common story. Without the dance, only the drama, it would be a very boring movie. But, the dance save it :D
Last but not least, Rick Malambri is obviously a new Kutcher. Even sexier ;p

I present to you Madd Chadd and Malambri. Wooohooo

Well, that's all. And remember that's a personal opinion. Why don't you watch the movie yourself then make your own opinion. Then let me know whether you like it too, or not.

Hope you enjoy reading my post. XOXO

Cheers and Beer,

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