Death At A Funeral

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Title: Death at a Funeral
A film by Frank Oz
Genre comedy
Cast: Matthew Macfadyen, Daisy Donovan, Alan Tudyk, Rupert Graves, Peter Dinklage, Peter Egan, Keeley Hawes...

This movie was about Daniel's dad funeral and about the private problem of each character. The film started with Daniel is about organizing a peace funeral for the whole family to honor his dad's life. But at the very beginning, people from the cemetery supposed to bring Daniel's dad's body but they bring the wrong body.
Then, his family was come one by one to that funeral: his famous novelist brother, Robert from New York. And everybody in that family were love him so much and they wondered why the one to deliver some appropriate remarks is Daniel instead of Robert. And it was lil' bit hurt Daniel.
His cousin Martha and her fiancé, Simon who really desperate to impress Martha's father, Victor (Daniel's uncle). They also come along with Martha's brother, Troy. Simon was really nervous then Martha gave some Valium but actually is a designer hallucinogenic drug manufactured by Troy, a pharmacy student. By the time, they arrive at the funeral, Simon started to feel the effect. He's kinda get drunk.
Suddenly, a stranger little-man came in and introduce himself as Peter to Daniel and he was a friend of Daniel's dad.

And then all the problem came out when Daniel started his speech about his father. The drunk Simon started saying something crazy that the coffin was shaking and he sure that there's someone inside it, alive. Than Simon tried to help something inside the coffin but the fact he made the coffin fell down, the dead body spilled out from the coffin. Makes the funeral chaotic. And getting chaotic when drunk Simon, see his fiancé, Martha kissed other guy. He's getting mad. He locked himself in the toilet and started taking off his clothes, naked. Then he was going to the roof of the house and the whole family was hysteric.
At the same time, little-man named Peter came to Daniel and told him a secret about him and Daniel's dad. That they were a lover. Daniel's father was a gay. And Peter's gonna told the whole family if Daniel didn't gave him some money. But Daniel had no money, he gave all the money to make the funeral. But Peter insist that he's gonna give an evidence in the form of photographs. Daniel asked a help from Robert, but Robert cannot gave him money because he was bankrupt.

The movie was supposed to be a comedy, but so sorry that for me this movie not funny at all. I told you, I even not laugh at all. One thing I love about the movie, the moral story behind the movie:

  • It told that everything could happen in one day even in a Funeral.
  • How bad your dad is, he is your father and you're gonna love him no matter what.
  • And sometimes, truth was the hardest thing to believe.

My favorite quote all over the movie were

"Life isn't simple. It's complicated. We all just thrown in it together, in the world full of chaos, confusing. A world full of question with no answers. Death always linger around the corner. We can only do our best, my father did his best"-Daniel.

"Parents can only guide you to the right direction. In the end, you have to learn by yourself. You have to grow up yourself"-Daniel.

Over all: I put this movie in "Good-Movie" category.
And I give 2 outta 5.
But, it's all my personal opinion. You have to watch by yourself to make your own opinion then.

Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Cheers and Beer,

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